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You'll fall in love with While You Were Sleeping, The hit romantic comedy that woke eveyone up to adorable Sandra Bullock. As Lucy, a lonely subway worker, she becomes smitten with a handsome stranger (Peter Gallager). But when she saves his life after he's been mugged and fallen into a coma, his hilariously offbeat family mistakes her for his fiancé! Soon, the mix ups escalate as Lucy fabricates a life between herself and a man she;s never met! And When Lucy falls for his charming brother (Bill Pullman) the situation really gets uproarious - as she's for to make a choice between the two!

  • 1 hr 43 minPG
  • Apr 21, 1995
  • Romantic Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Bill PullmanActor

  • Peter GallagherActor

  • Sandra BullockActor

  • Jason BernardActor

  • Marcia WrightActor

  • Dick CusackActor

  • Thomas Q. MorrisActor

  • Ruth RudnickActor

  • Peter BoyleActor

  • Micole MercurioActor