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Medieval tale with witches, dwarves and magic powers. In the castle dungeons of the sorceress and evil queen Bavmorda, a prisoner gives birth to a girl who, according to an ancient prophecy, will end the reign of the sorceress. The midwife tries to save the girl from the wrath of Bavmorda, but, overtaken by the castle's hunting dogs, she has no choice but to throw the cradle into the river. Thanks to the current, the crib reaches a village of dwarves, where the girl is adopted by the brave Willow.

  • PG
  • May 20, 1988
  • Adventure

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Cast & Crew

  • Joanne WhalleyActor

  • Val KilmerActor

  • Warwick DavisActor

  • Kenny BakerActor

  • Jean MarshActor

  • Kevin PollakActor

  • Patricia HayesActor

  • Billy BartyActor

  • Gavan O'HerlihyActor

  • Ron HowardDirector