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Harrelson stars as WILSON, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter (Isabella Amara) he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.

Craig Johnson
Isabella Amara, Laura Dern, Woody Harrelson
Release Date
March 3, 2017

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  • @katharine_egan

    oh my GOD. Fences movie?? August Wilson even wrote the screenplay?!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH HYPE!! AHHHHHHHH https://t.co/Sx1BwpSCBK

  • @the_kyle_wilson

    RT @ConanOBrien: Great, yet another drive-in movie ruined by the neighbors saying I can't park on their lawn and watch movies through the l…

  • @mo_english

    I remember reading the play in High School and the commentary on how Wilson wouldn't make the movie till they found… https://t.co/U6sEIUyU4o

  • @ultimate_denver

    Was this film prophetic? https://t.co/1uWNA10bl2

  • @stevegol

    If these guys were a movie it would be "the candidates" with Vince Vaugn and Owen Wilson" @fmanjoo https://t.co/EWiZCF6Ia0

  • @UmaThurman1v

    #DVD #Movies My Super Ex-Girlfriend ~ #UmaThurman, Luke Wilson ~ DVD https://t.co/HCjAUupVuK #Movie #Deal

  • @ProfClaiborne

    RT @SandraShannon_: "Required reading" for the upcoming HBO movie on August Wilson's Fences! Get your copy at https://t.co/DhbUkbOGyR