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Winter's Tale Rated PG13

Winter's Tale PG13 PT118M

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Set in a mythic New York City and spanning more than a century, 'Winter's Tale' is a story of miracles, crossed destinies, and the age-old battle between good and evil.

Running Time
1 hr 58 min
Akiva Goldsman
Russell Crowe, Will Smith
Release Date
February 14, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @notmyname02

    Just finished watching Winter's Tale the movie. They did not follow the book very closely. This could have been a great movie. #disappointed

  • @Jourdyn_Isaac

    RT @maxkostakis: Was Winter's Tale a great movie? No. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Colin Farrell is the man.

  • @Jourdyn_Isaac

    RT @forlilia: I don't care what anyone says...Winter's Tale is an entirely beautiful movie. Stunning. #cryeverytime

  • @kbsimerly

    Winter's Tale is the best movie I have ever seen???

  • @italomiguelez

    Winter's Tale Movie Tie-In Edition 2014 by Helprin, Mark 0544320425

  • @PatronCleo

    Winter's Tale: Matt Bomer "Young Man" On Set Movie Interview via @YouTube

  • @Psycroatomic

    Winter's Tale, I might have finished it if not for a cell mate who talked a lot, and the movie.