Wish I Was Here Rated R

Wish I Was Here https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/179658H1.jpg R https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/179658_med.mp4 PT106M


Director Zach Braff's follow-up to his indie breakout hit GARDEN STATE is a comedy telling the story of a thirty-something man who finds himself at major crossroads, which forces him to examine his life, his career, and his family. Cast includes Zach Braff, Kate Hudson and Mandy Patinkin.

Running Time
1 hr 46 min
Release Date
July 18, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @murderizedme

    Wish I Was Here is a beautiful movie, well done @zachbraff

  • @nchimunyamtonga

    Just finished watching "wish I was here "such a beautiful movie loved it @WIWHFilm

  • @swanqueenjmo

    Just watched 'wish I was here' that was such an emo movie god I'm crying again what's life

  • @MostlyMormon

    @zachbraff I recently left my faith and your movie Wish I Was Here spoke very dearly to me. Thank you!

  • @fintanmckenna1

    Wish I Was Here is such a deep movie

  • @imsiansykes

    Zach Braff's movie Wish I Was Here is an absolute gem

  • @agentsofsleep

    @emmancogan have u seen 'wish i was here' bc i feel like it'd def be a movie u'd like