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  • @HelenKim4

    #throwback to Christmas last year after seeing the Wizard of Oz, a free movie event at L.A.'s… https://t.co/ZjKiDw2sUk

  • @BushSven

    RT @GinaKassamali: NEW YORK (Reuters) - The blue gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz" sold for $1.56 mil…

  • @villamonteulri5

    MGM/UA "THE WIZARD OF OZ" VHS MOVIE VHS-76 https://t.co/RjdvVgHwRi https://t.co/Mnkpm3iZaQ

  • @LittleAlice96

    RT @colferknope: Darren is researching for a new movie of gender swapped wizard of oz and he's playing Darrethy Gale

  • @Socrates3000

    Guys Wizard of Oz owns. No not the movie. The books.

  • @_Foyinsi_

    RT @ObstinatePoet: Do white racists who call #TheWiz racist realize the reason the movie was made in the 1st place was because Wizard of Oz…

  • @sydirishdancer

    Made my life finding out @bexmader is in the American girl Samantha movie and gives her a copy of the wizard of oz. #ILovedThatMovie #ouat