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Movie Buzz

  • @tybasedhutch

    You want me to compare this movie to the wizard of oz

  • @Kelsileetaylor

    What is your favorite black and white movie? — well.. ig wizard of oz even though its not the whole movie B&W http://t.co/CRc01tCK67

  • @moistxsock

    RT @AtomicCarrots: "What's that crazy tornado movie?" "The wizard of oz???"

  • @AtomicCarrots

    "What's that crazy tornado movie?" "The wizard of oz???"

  • @stxphnie

    My dog will literally sit and watch the whole Wizard Of Oz movie.

  • @amazinghowfake

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD https://t.co/oRTkIWPQI6 via @YouTube

  • @ShiruMumbi

    Am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 This cartoon movie never gets old.