September 11, 2001, was an unusually warm day in New York. Will Jimeno, an officer with the Port Authority Police Department, was tempted to take a personal day to enjoy his hobby of bow hunting, but ultimately decided he would go to work. Sergeat John McLoughlin, a respected veteran of the PAPD, had been up for hours - a requirement of his daily, one & a half hour trek to the city. They & their colleagues made their way to midtown Manhattan, just like they did any other day. Only this wasn't any other day. A team of PAPD first responders drove from midtown to the World Trade Center. Five men, in cluding McLoughlin & Jimeno, went into the buildings themselves & were trapped when the towers collapsed. Miraculously, McLoughlin & Jimeno survived, but were buried & pinned beneath slabs of concrete & twisted metal, 20 feet below the rubble field. Though they couldn't see each other, each could hear that the other had survived, & for the next 12 hours, McLoughlin & Jimeno kept each other alive - talking about their families, their lives on the force, their hopes, their disappointments. The film also follows their wives, children & parents who suffered in their own confined circle of hell, with no messages or information about their loved ones. The film chronicles the improbably search by a determined accountant & ex-Marine from Connecticut, Dave Karnes, who found the two officers that night, & then the dozens of firemen, policemen & paramedics who rescued them over the next grueling 12 hours.

  • 2 hr 9 minNRHDSD
  • Aug 9, 2006
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Maggie GyllenhaalActor

  • Michael PenaActor

  • Nicolas CageActor

  • Nicholas TurturroActor

  • Stephen DorffActor

  • Viola DavisActor

  • Michael ShannonActor

  • Maria BelloActor

  • Gregory JbaraActor

  • Jay HernandezActor