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War between Cheras and Pandiyas restarted during the reign of Pandiyan King Arikesari. Without any conclusion, the war continued for years. Aged Arikesari retired partially and his son Ranadheera Pandiyan took charge of the army. Meanwhile, Cheras asked the help of Cholas to stand against Pandiyas. With them other Velir tribes and many small clans especially the Einar clan unitedly stood against the Pandiyas. But Pandiyas defeated them all. Many clans lost their livelyhood and were enslaved. Einars were chased to dry lands. After 25 years, Einar clan emerged back. The leader of the Einars went in search of the lurked Cholas into the woods. Cholas agreed a treaty with him, and wanted him to regain the Cholan lands from Pandiyas. A plan to kill Ranadheera Pandiyan was executed. What happened to the plan? Whether Ranadheeran retained the Castle or did Einars captured it?

  • NR
  • Apr 21, 2023
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Guru SomasundaramActor

  • Shakti MithranActor

  • SubathraActor

  • RajalakshmiActor

  • Samar PeriyasamyActor

  • Semmalar AnnamActor

  • Dharani RajendranDirector

  • K.J. GaneshProducer

  • Dharani RajendranWriter