Yes Man Rated PG13

Yes Man PG13 PT104M


Jim Carrey stars as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything...and anything. At first, unleashing the power of 'yes' transforms Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.

Running Time
1 hr 44 min
Release Date
December 19, 2008

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  • @HannahJo1901

    I want to watch yes man. Does anybody have the movie yes man?

  • @ZDeschanelNews

    Yes Man 2008 Full Movie - YouTube

  • @ZDeschanelNews

    Yes Man Full Movie 2008|CINEMA - YouTube

  • @ZDeschanelNews

    Yes Man Full Movie 2008 - YouTube

  • @igotsuperBOWERS

    I am gonna living my my life like the movie "yes man" from now on 😂😬

  • @br3ezyfbabyy

    Yes Man and Liar Liar are 98% the same exact movie

  • @JoshJarrett12

    The movie "Yes Man" is great: it shows the benefits of taking opportunities and that guys like Jim Carrey can get girls like Zooey Deschanel