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Academy Award winner Charlize Theron plays Mavis Gary, a writer of teen literature who returns to her small hometown to relive her glory days and attempt to reclaim her happily married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). When returning home proves more difficult than she thought, Mavis forms an unusual bond with a former classmate (Patton Oswalt) who hasn't quite gotten over high school, either.

Running Time
1 hr 34 min
Release Date
December 9, 2011

Movie Buzz

  • @AlexFoux

    Waiting for a movie that isn't a remake/reboot/sequel/young adult book adaption

  • @OhhMichelle_06

    Am I the only person that doesn't talk like every other young adult. If you tell me "oh that movie was lit" I'll have no idea what you meant

  • @AvonSouthTampa

    Batman Watch WB HS Gift Box for Him Comic Fans Men Movie Young Adult Teen Boy

  • @Aeris_4

    And my personal favorite <3 "It [TMR] wasn’t just a good Young Adult movie. It was a *good movie*."

  • @PaulineDby

    RT @katelyntarver: That time Charlize Theron was watching me on TV in the movie "Young Adult". #SurpriseMovieStar #tbt…

  • @e_scarlott

    Give me a fantasy young adult novel turned into a movie any day of the week.

  • @jorgef09

    Good storytelling & appeal always win, no matter if a movie is a young adult book adaptation, fast cars being furious, or superheroes...