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In the distant future Earth is divided into two camps, the barely civilized group and the overly civilized one with mental powers. One day a barbarian, Zed, stows away in the giant head that supplies the barbarians with munitions and food and that his people worship. When the head returns to its station in a lush city, the barbarian finds himself surrounded by the telekinetic ruling class of "Homo Eternals".

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  • Feb 1, 1974
  • Science Fiction

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Cast & Crew

  • Charlotte RamplingActor

  • Sean ConneryActor

  • Sara KestelmanActor

  • John AldertonActor

  • Sally Anne NewtonActor

  • Reginald JarmanActor

  • John BoormanDirector

  • John BoormanProducer

  • John BoormanWriter