On their fantastic journey, they are joined by a stranded astronaut and must survive meteor showers, hostile lizard-like aliens, a rocket-propelled robot run amok and an intergalactic spaceship battle. But their greatest peril lies ahead. For unless they finish the game and reach the planet Zathura, they are doomed to be trapped in outer space forever.

  • 1 hr 41 minPGHDSD
  • Nov 11, 2005
  • Adventure

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Cast & Crew

  • Jonah BoboActor

  • Josh HutchersonActor

  • Tim RobbinsActor

  • Dax ShepardActor

  • Kristen StewartActor

  • Jon FavreauDirector

  • Michael de LucaProducer

  • Scott KroopfProducer

  • William TeitlerProducer