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The Unsettling Smile

August 24th, 2022The Unsettling Smile

Remind Me SMILE opens September 30th

Nothing says “Welcome to fall” quite like stepping into a crowded theatre filled with a hundred or so random horror hounds and going on a thrilling and extremely unsettling adventure together. Luckily, fans of the genre will have plenty to celebrate this autumn, as AMC Theatres nationwide will become home to a whole slew of frantic horror films like HALLOWEEN ENDS and THE INVITATION. But, in addition to those highly-anticipated titles, there’s another movie on the horizon, one that looks both interesting and incredibly unsettling.

In September, SMILE will open on the silver screen and welcome audiences into the world of this twisted and unnerving psychological horror film from a promising up-and-coming director, with a second-generation actor in the lead role.

If this is the first you are hearing about SMILE, don’t worry, because we’re about to break down a few things to know about the movie before it comes to your local AMC Theatre to scare and shock you with a premise so tantalizing it’s hard to imagine no one has made something like this yet.

Smile Opens September 2022

There isn’t all that much time to wait until audiences are given the opportunity to experience the thrills and chills that SMILE has to offer and get to the bottom of the movie’s unsettling narrative. Starting September 30, 2022, SMILE will be filling auditoriums and displaying its eerie visuals on the big screen at AMC Theatres nationwide.

Can you think of a better way to spend the final weekend of September, or perhaps even kick off the early days of October, than by watching the mystery of SMILE unfold?

Sosie Bacon Leads The Smile Cast

At the center of SMILE and its large cast is Sosie Bacon, the daughter of Golden Globe® winners Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, who plays the film’s troubled protagonist Dr. Rose Cotter. Throughout her career, Bacon has appeared in movies like LOVERBOY, WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’, CHARLIE SAYS and THE LAST SUMMER. Horror fans should also recognize Bacon from her portrayal of Rachel Murray in the first two seasons of MTV’s “Scream” series.

Joining Bacon in the SMILE cast are Jessie T. Usher, Kal Penn, Rob Morgan, Kyle Gallner, Caitlin Stasey, Judy Reyes, Gillian Zinser and several others.

A Doctor Haunted By A Traumatic Experience

If someone were to give the “elevator pitch” for SMILE, it would probably go something like this: a young doctor witnesses as one of her patients does something so terrible and so unexplainable she becomes haunted by the experience and begins to endure a great deal of agony because of the traumatic experience.

In the movie, Dr. Rose Cotter meets with a patient who claims to be haunted by an unknown entity that only she can see. Behind an exaggerated ear-to-ear smile, this force toys with and hunts its next victims, making them feel as if there is no way out in the process. Haunted by the episode, Rose makes it her mission in life to figure out what happened to her patient in the hope of saving others, and herself, from meeting a similar fate. But, time is not on her side.

Parker Finn Writes And Directs

The twisted psychological thriller that is SMILE comes from the mind of Parker Finn, an up-and-coming filmmaker who is making his feature film directorial debut with the upcoming horror movie. Not only did Finn direct Sosie Bacon and the rest of the cast in what could be one of the biggest horror movies of the year, he also wrote the script. If the movie is a success with audiences and critics, there’s a good chance we could be hearing a lot more from the relative newcomer in the coming years.

Finn also wrote and directed the 2020 short film, LAURA HASN’T SLEPT, on which SMILE is based. In the 11-minute film, a young woman suffering from a seemingly never-ending nightmare reaches out to her therapist to help rid her of her recurring night terrors. The short film starred Caitlin Stassey, who is also set to appear in SMILE.

Prior to LAURA HASN’T SLEPT, Finn wrote and directed the 2018 short film, THE HIDEBEHIND, which centered on a backpacker who encounters a stranger in the middle of the forest.

The Unsettling Smile Trailer

If you have gone to a movie at any point over the summer, there is a good chance you have experienced the absolutely terrifying and unsettling SMILE trailer. Clocking in at a little under two-and-a-half minutes, this trailer serves a psychologically-damaged appetizer that gives you a small taste of the story and those jarring jump-scares, while also leaving enough room in your stomach for the main course later on down the road.

Seriously, this is like a masterclass in trailers and sets a high bar for the rest of the fall and winter 2022 horror slate. With a look at the initial conversation that leads to Dr. Rose Cotter becoming the unknown force’s next victim, and a further exploration of its past victims, the trailer ends with you thinking you know what the movie is going to be about while also forcing you to ask yourself questions.

Hopefully all of this helps you get a better understanding of Parker Finn’s thrilling and unsettling looking SMILE before the movie lands in AMC Theatres nationwide on Friday, September 30.

Remind Me SMILE opens September 30th

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