Knock at the Cabin Angry Orchard

One Hard Choice Deserves Another

Risking it all to save the world calls for a drink. Make the right choice by ordering an Angry Orchard Hard Cider, inspired by KNOCK AT THE CABIN, now showing. Come knocking at MacGuffins Bar today!

DINE-In Shake

Shake Things Up with a Cool Treat

Want a cool treat you can eat and drink? Shake it up with one of AMC DINE-IN’s premium Double Decker Shakes. Choose from sweet flavors like Oreo®, S’Mores, Apple Pie, Extreme Chocolate, and Birthday Cake.

Living Blog

What Makes LIVING An Artisan Film

An English-language retelling of a Japanese 1952 drama, LIVING is a period drama starring Bill Nighy in an uplifting and refreshing story earning the selection as an AMC Artisan Film.

Magic Mike's Last Dance

Save the Last Dance for Bonus Points

Earn 1,000 AMC Stubs® bonus points when you register and get tickets to see Channing Tatum star one final time in MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE 2/9-2/12. See the magic on the big screen opening weekend.

Black History Month

An Homage to Black Cinema

Join us in celebrating outstanding Black filmmakers with a rotating selection of $5 Fan Faves. Find release dates and get tickets to some of the year’s best movies when they return to theatres 2/3-3/1.

BPS Blog

Best Picture Nominees Showcased at AMC

The Best Picture Nominees from 2022 return to big screen as part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Learn more about the nine films now playing on the big screen.