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Witness a Life-Changing Journey

In DUNKI, four friends team-up with a soldier to achieve their dream of migrating to England. Don’t miss this hilarious and heartwarming saga of love and friendship on the big screen, opening 12/21.

International Films Blog

Anticipated International Films

As we look towards the end of 2023, we are excited about two upcoming International movies that will soon captivate audiences with cinematic experiences that defy genre.

Monster Blog

A New Japanese Drama Film

The uncompromising power of perspective is just one theme explored in the AMC Artisan Film, MONSTER.

Concrete Utopia

An Intense, Human Thriller

An earthquake in Seoul leaves one apartment building standing, with outsiders overflowing the dwelling and threatening its residents' very survival. See CONCRETE UTOPIA at AMC Theatres starting 12/8.

The Cello

Brilliance Has a Cost

A promising cellist discovers that the price of his instrument is far more ominous than he anticipated. See THE CELLO at AMC Theatres starting 12/8.

The Boy and the Heron Blog

A New Studio Ghibli Masterpiece

Hayao Miyazaki's THE BOY AND THE HERON is recognized as an AMC Artisan film, for pushing the boundaries of Anime with a unique perspective.

Godzilla Minus One Blog

Your Guide To Godzilla Minus One

The undisputed king of the monsters returns to the big screen in Takashi Yamazaki’s GODZILLA MINUS ONE!