‘Mile 22’ Feeds Our CIA Obsession image

‘Mile 22’ Feeds Our CIA Obsession

Mile 22 looks like one of the summer’s most intense films. It’s an action thriller centered around an elite CIA task force transporting a high-priority asset to an extraction point. They only have to travel 22 miles, but with multiple forces throwing up roadblocks, that short distance could be a road straight to hell.
Mark Wahlberg stars, with Ronda Rousey as his partner, Iko Uwais as the “asset,” and supporting work from John Malkovich and Lauren Cohen. More important to us right now, Mile 22

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Meet The Talented Cast of ‘Alpha’ image

Meet The Talented Cast of ‘Alpha’

When Alpha comes to theaters on August 17, we’ll jump back in time 20,000 years to follow the journey of Keda, a young hunter who changes the course of human-animal relations. Keda is severely injured by a steppe bison during a hunting expedition and thrown from a cliff. He survives the ordeal but must brave the elements to find his way back home. While trying to survive the journey, Keda befriends a wolf. Their unlikely partnership forges the first bond between a human and a canine.
Alpha is d

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