AMC Artisan Films

Filmmaking is an art, and AMC is its museum. And just as there are masterpieces of traditional art, there are exceptional works of film. AMC Artisan Films brings a curated gallery of the finest movies to AMC where everyone can enjoy them. Any movie with the AMC Artisan Films seal is an artist-driven film that advances the art of making movies.



Watch Steven Spielberg and the cast discuss bringing his childhood love of cinema to life in THE FABELMANS, in theatres everywhere this Wednesday.

She Said

The Reality and Power of the Truth

Watch our exclusive SHE SAID interview with Carrey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan and Jennifer Ehle as they discuss the power of the truth.

November Artisan Films

Fill Up on AMC Artisan Films This November

November is the most grateful month of the year, and we’re giving thanks for new releases, from dramas to comedies and more. Feast your eyes on our fulfilling AMC Artisan Films.

The Inspection


Inspired by Elegance Bratton’s own deeply moving narrative, THE INSPECTION tells the story of a young, gay Black man who joins the Marines but finds himself at war with a system built to cast him aside.

The Fabelmans


THE FABELMANS, directed and co-written by film icon Steven Spielberg, tells the inspirational story loosely based on his childhood about family, art, and following what’s inside our hearts.

She Said


Based on the New York Times bestseller, SHE SAID stars Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan as the pair of reporters who exposed decades of sexual assault in Hollywood and helped launch the #MeToo movement.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.