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Filmmaking is an art, and AMC is its museum. And just as there are masterpieces of traditional art, there are exceptional works of film. AMC Artisan Films brings a curated gallery of the finest movies to AMC where everyone can enjoy them. Any movie with the AMC Artisan Films seal is an artist-driven film that advances the art of making movies.

Oscars Blog

And the Oscar Nominees Are …

We are counting down the days to the 95th Academy Awards. See which movies, actors and directors were nominated, and get your tickets to see them as part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase.

Women Talking Featurette

An Unbreakable Bond

Watch Sarah Polley and the cast of WOMEN TALKING describe the amazing bond created on set and what it means to have worked with such a powerhouse ensemble of women. See the film in select theatres now.

Living Blog

What Makes LIVING An Artisan Film

An English-language retelling of a Japanese 1952 drama, LIVING is a period drama starring Bill Nighy in an uplifting and refreshing story earning the selection as an AMC Artisan Film.

BPS Blog

Best Picture Nominees Showcased at AMC

The Best Picture Nominees from 2022 return to big screen as part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Learn more about the nine films now playing on the big screen.



Oscar nominated filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda returns with BROKER, a film about two brokers who bypass legal adoption to sell orphaned infants and learn what it takes to build an unlikely family of their own.



Adapted from the 2018 novel of the same name and directed by Sarah Polley, WOMEN TALKING is a powerful drama about women in a religious colony struggling to face the injustices afflicted upon them.



Bill Nighy stars in LIVING, the story of an ordinary man with nothing to show for his days but an oppressive office routine, who at the eleventh hour decides to spend his remaining days living life to the fullest.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.