Your Guide To The Flash

February 18th, 2023Your Guide To The Flash

THE FLASH opens June16th

During San Diego Comic Con 2017, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment made waves with a series of announcements regarding the future of the DC Extended Universe and all the movies that fall under its expansive umbrella. One of those titles, FLASHPOINT, which is based on the comic storyline of the same name, would see the return of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen for his first solo adventure that would see him cross between different timelines to undo a tragedy from his past.

And although a lot has changed for the DCEU in the past five years, the movie is still on the way, albeit with a different title: THE FLASH. Below is a quick yet comprehensive rundown of everything we know about the exciting superhero adventure movie from its release date to its cast and anything and everything in between. We won’t be jumping through any dimensions here, but there is a lot to unpack, so let’s get started…

The Flash Release Date

As it stands, THE FLASH will open in AMC Theatres around the country on June16, 2023, a little less than six years after it was first announced that “Flashpoint” was getting the cinematic treatment. But this isn’t the first time Ezra Miller’s first solo outing has been given a release date. In fact, the June 2023 date is the sixth in as many years, as the movie has been shifted around multiple times due to a number of issues, the most recent few being due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the entertainment world to press pause on just about everything in early 2020, and the ripple effects can still be felt now.

And though it seems like this date will stick, make sure to check back in the future to see if there are any additional changes before June 16, 2023.

Ezra Miller And The Rest Of The Flash Cast

Even though not everyone can agree on the quality of the DCEU slate of films that have been released up to this point, no one can deny the fact that these movies have put together some of the best casts the superhero genre has ever seen with the likes of Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill all playing members of the legendary Justice League. And it looks like that trend will continue a little longer with the release of THE FLASH.

Leading the charge is Ezra Miller who will once again be playing the titular scarlet speedster. Joining him on screen will be Michael Keaton, who will suit up as Batman and Bruce Wayne for the first time in more than 30 years after having last played the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS in the summer of 1992. But Keaton’s Batman won’t be the only Dark Knight in THE FLASH as Ben Affleck will don the cape and cowl one more time before handing over the reins for good.

Michael Shannon and Antje Traue, who played General Zod and Faora-Ul respectively in MAN OF STEEL are slated to reprise their roles in some shape or form in THE FLASH.

Also set to appear in THE FLASH are Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Ron Livingston as Barry Allen’s father Henry, and Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, Barry’s mother.

The Flashpoint Comic Will Be Involved

When THE FLASH speeds into movie houses around the world on June 16th, it will bring a story loosely based on the groundbreaking DC Comics crossover event “Flashpoint,” which saw Barry Allen enter a different timeline that was much different than his own. The major differences explored in this alternate timeline were Thomas Wayne as Batman, no Superman, no Justice League, and a deadly war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman that had decimated much of Europe. However, it doesn’t look like things will get that out of control with the latest DC movie.

Per THR, THE FLASH will center on Barry Allen’s quest to prevent his mother’s murder by traveling back in time, though his decision leads to major changes in the fabric of reality. With multiple versions of The Flash, Batman, and other iconic comic book characters, the DCEU looks to have a SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME situation on its hands.

Andy Muschietti Is Directing The Flash

Upon the release of THE FLASH, Andrew Muschietti will join the likes of Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins, and James Wan as directors to bring some of the biggest superheroes to the silver screen. And not only will this be his first DCEU movie, it will also be Muschietti’s first superhero movie altogether.

Prior to his work on the highly-anticipated 2023 summer blockbuster, Muschietti cut his teeth in the world of horror, having made his directorial debut with the 2013 supernatural thriller MAMA. The Argentine filmmaker is mostly known for sitting in the director’s chair for the 2017 adaptation of IT as well as its sequel, IT CHAPTER TWO, in 2019. He is also currently an executive producer on the “Locke & Key” series on Netflix.

THE FLASH was written by Christina Hodson, who previously wrote scripts for BIRDS OF PREY and BUMBLEBEE.

The Flash Trailer

During the Super Bowl, WB released the first full-length trailer for THE FLASH. You can watch the action-packed trailer as many times as you would like here:

Expect to see THE FLASH when the highly anticipated superhero movie opens at AMC Theatres nationwide.

THE FLASH opens June16th

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