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Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal’s Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller

October 19th, 2023Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal’s Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller

FOE now playing at select AMC Theatres

Audiences looking for a somber, moving drama that uniquely fuses brutally realistic depictions of romance with thought-provoking, futuristic science-fiction themes should not have to look too much further than FOE. Currently available to see at select AMC Theatres, and distributed by Amazon Studios, this new drama is an adaptation of Iain Reid’s award-winning 2018 novel of the same name that already has people talking about its intriguing, plausible, technophobic concepts and power-house performances by its small, but star-studded, cast.

However, the topic of technology merely serves as a backdrop to this futuristic story, which many present-day audiences could potentially identify in how that involves marriage, identity, loneliness, and how all three can intersect. If this intrigues you and you have yet to experience it for yourself, allow us to show you a spoiler-free sneak peek of FOE below – starting with a mention of why we have deemed it an AMC Artisan Film.

AMC Artisan Film Selection

Set in the year 2065, FOE focuses on the seemingly average lives of a restaurant server named Henrietta and her husband, Junior, while living a comfortable, isolated existence on his family’s remote farmland. However, things go into upheaval for the couple when they are approached by a stranger named Terrence who reveals that Junior has been selected to participate in an important aerospace mission that will keep him away from his wife for two years. However, he assures that Henrietta will not be alone, but accompanied by an android designed to look and act like Junior – an idea he takes strong offense to.

The decision to select a new movie as an AMC Artisan Film is made with a distinct set of criteria in mind, which FOE qualifies for. It boasts a unique perspective on the topic of artificial intelligence with a clever twist, it sparks conversations with a bleak vision of the future that brings up intriguing thoughts about the limits of humanity, and it unites a stellar cast who portray the story’s challenging subject matter with stellar performances.

Saoirse Ronan And Paul Mescal Lead

The main cast of FOE consists of three dynamic characters brought to life by a trio of widely acclaimed talents. Irish actor Saoirse Ronan – best known for her Academy AwardⓇ nominated performances in ATONEMENT, BROOKLYN, LADY BIRD, and LITTLE WOMEN – stars as Henrietta.

Fellow Irish-born Oscar® nominee Paul Mescal – for the 2023 drama, AFTERSUN – plays Junior, who is a character worlds different from Mescal’s breakout TV role on the acclaimed U.K. drama, “Normal People.” Also known for making a name for himself on TV – such as on Syfy’s DC prequel series, “Krypton,” and Amazon’s limited series, “The Underground Railroad” – is Aaron Pierre, who plays Terrence. The English actor made his film debut in 2021 with M. Night Shyamalan’s OLD before starring in BROTHER the following year.

Garth Davis Directs

FOE is one of the most ambitious projects yet by Garth Davis, who both directed the film and wrote the screenplay based on Reid’s novel. He made his feature-length debut in 2000 with a documentary called P.I.N.S. – a revealing look at the lives of Melbourne parking inspectors – which he followed up by directing episodes of Australian TV drama "Love My Way" in 2006 and, years later, the star-studded crime drama, "Top of the Lake."

Davis made his dramatized feature film debut in 2016 with LION – based on the true story of an Indian man (played by Dev Patel) who sets out to find his biological family after he was raised by Australians – which earned six Oscar nominations. In 2018, he directed Rooney Mara in the title role of the biblical drama, MARY MAGDALENE, alongside Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus.

Watch The Trailer

To merely describe the story, themes, and cast of FOE just barely does the experience of watching the film justice. See the next best thing by checking out the trailer below:

Even before Terrence arrives with his proposal to Henrietta and Junior, the teaser wastes no time employing a subtle tone of intensity by the couple’s conversation over their happiness on the family farm – making Junior’s reaction to the news that he will be replaced by a robot when he leaves for space all the more unsettling. Also unsettling is the unique cinematography, which captures the film’s unique dystopian backdrop and emotional gravitas with a distinctly immersive, avant garde touch.

FOE now playing at select AMC Theatres

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