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Shia LaBeouf Shines on the Big Screen in 2019

August 14th, 2019Shia LaBeouf Shines on the Big Screen in 2019

We’ve missed Shia LaBeouf the last two years. Even in 2017, he appeared in only one feature, the sports drama/biopic BORG VS. MCENROE. Lucky for us and all movie fans, LaBeouf is practically taking over the big screen for the rest of 2019, as he stars in three new movies. Check out the lineup below, starting with the SXSW Audience Award winner THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

The basic premise of THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON echoes your typical Mark Twain adventure: Two young men embark on a journey of self-discovery. But co-writers/directors Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz added depth to what could have been a cliché plotline through their leads’ unique backstories. Zak (newcomer Zack Gottsagen), who has Down syndrome, has been living in a retirement community for almost three years and is eager to break out and chase his professional wrestling dream under the training of the Salt Water Redneck. Tyler (LaBeouf), a thieving crab fisherman, is also on the run — from the men he stole from as well as his own personal demons. Their meeting is a strange case of serendipity that alters their path and their lives.

The best part of THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON is watching the genuine, tender bond that forms between them. Tyler never treats Zak with kids' gloves, but helps inspire him and show him a world of possibilities and experiences. The two quickly become like brothers as they "wind through deltas, elude capture, drink whisky, find God and catch fish.” Trust us — this one, you'll want to see in theatres with your loved ones. (Now playing at select AMC locations)

While THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON will surely tug at your heartstrings, LaBeouf's other upcoming releases aren't what we'd call feel-good films, though still powerful stories. HONEY BOY is a semi-autobiographical drama — and likely a cathartic experience for LaBeouf — while the mysterious THE TAX COLLECTOR takes its fictional crime story to the streets.

Honey Boy

“Heavy” is a good word to describe HONEY BOY, which is loosely based on LaBeouf’s own experiences growing up. LaBeouf, who also wrote the script, plays a fictionalized version of his father, James, while Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges play fictionalized versions of LaBeouf, Otis, at ages 12 and 22. When he’s a preteen, Otis finds success as a TV actor, prompting his ex-rodeo-clown father to come back into his life. On set, James is overbearing — off, he’s abusive, and that trauma carries into Otis’ adulthood, as he struggles with addiction and tries to repair the contentious relationship with his dad. (November 8)

The Tax Collector

There are a lot of unknowns about this film, but we’ll tell you a bit of what we do know. In 2018, writer/director David Ayer (SUICIDE SQUAD) shared a photo of LaBeouf covered in tattoos, smoking a cigarette, with “#taxcollectormovie” as the caption and nothing else. The film’s official Twitter account has this short summary of the plot: “A young family man with a secret life as a gang money man fights to keep his family together against larger forces.” Whatever’s in store for us when THE TAX COLLECTOR opens, we’re in. (TBD 2019)

Get your tickets now to THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON as the film expands in the coming weeks!

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