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The True Story Of Indivisible

October 26th, 2018The True Story Of Indivisible

The studio that brought us FIREPROOF and WAR ROOM have another faith-based film on the way. INDIVISIBLE, set for release on October 26, takes a look at the effect serving in the army can have on a marriage. It’s an often-overlooked aspect of war, but one families deal with on a daily basis.

Featuring Grey’s Anatomy stars Sarah Drew, Justin Breuning and Jason Winston George, Indivisible tells the story of Darren Turner, a U.S Army Chaplain who does his best to support his fellow soldiers during the Iraq War. And yet Turner’s own marriage suffers as a result. It’s an inspiring story, closely based on real events.

The Tortured Man

In 2007, Darren Turner was deployed to serve in Iraq. As is demonstrated in the Indivisible trailer, this is really when all of his troubles began. During his deployment, several of his fellow soldiers were killed in action. That shook Turner to his core. His wife Heather, played by Drew, had her own difficulties knowing her husband’s life was in grave danger. The strain of the separation fed back into Turner, who missed his wife terribly.

When the Chaplain returned home, he struggled to cope with everything that had happened. Ultimately, Turner took his frustrations out on his family. He explained to the Christian Broadcasting Network:

“The things that were going on my heart were pain, grief… trying to remember the guys that I had lost. It was a hard time, knowing that I was going to see their families, and their children. And at the same time, my kids want to go to the park and play. They don’t have a context of where I came from, and I don’t want them to have to carry that burden… So where did I take that burden? I didn’t take it anywhere. I kept it inside, and it quickly began to leak out with my relationship with my wife.”

An Unbreakable Bond

Darren’s anger only got worse, and Heather wasn’t prepared to deal with it any longer. She asked her husband to leave the family home. Darren recalled this period in a conversation with Moni Basu, author of Chaplain Turner’s War:

“I came home angry… Even my attitude, which I thought I was in control of, was walling me in. I didn’t realize it until my wife told me, ‘You’re no longer welcome in our house… I was very selfish and tried to control my surroundings, which crushed those closest to me.”

Darren and Heather’s separation went on for quite a while. Four months later, when the chaplain dropped his children off with Heather, they realized things couldn’t carry on as they were. Darren paid his wife another visit the following day, and they not only reconciled, but Darren was able to express his grief. He later told The Christian Broadcasting Network:

“We started a new phase in our relationship because we forgave each other… We both were broken at the same time. This was divine inspiration in our lives, and thank God that He interrupted our selfishness.”

INDIVISIBLE hits theaters on October 26.

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