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Advertise in Our Theatres

Need More Reasons to Advertise at AMC?

Contact NCM to advertise in our theatres.

AMC Theatres is a proud partner of NCM – the industry’s leading cinema advertising company. NCM unites brands with young, diverse audiences through the power of movies and pop culture. Advertisers big and small can reach and engage with hundreds of millions of content-hungry Gen Z and Millennial moviegoers each year who visit AMC to experience the world’s best stories on the big screen. NCM offers strategic media solutions driven by a proprietary data analytics platform and supported by an in-house creative studio that can help brands develop impactful creative communications. All for a greater return on your investment in cinema.

  • Scale to reach one out of every two 18-34-year-olds each year
  • Average 72% ad recall
  • Average +64% awareness lift
  • Optimized reach, frequency, and attribution for a 360º view of consumer behavior and campaign performance
  • Higher attention scores than TV, CTV, digital, and social
  • Unskippable editorial content for brand integration and sponsorship, or custom content that achieves your brand’s goals
  • Digital, OOH, social, and experiential campaign extensions
  • Turnkey planning, buying, and activation

Visit National CineMedia at for more information.

Need More Reasons to Advertise at AMC?

Visit our website or call 1-800-724-MOVIE to advertise with Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising with the most post-published showtime inventory. We represent 3 of the top 5 theater chains and 7 of the top 10 exhibitors in the U.S., including AMC Theatres.

Screenvision Media provides advertisers with media and integrated marketing campaigns that are designed to reach the young, diverse, and hard to reach moviegoers wherever they are …in the theatre, in the lobby and in the community!

Our Audience:

  • Our 385+ MM annual moviegoers are the most unique and valuable audience profile
  • 76% of moviegoers are under the age 39
  • Over half of moviegoers are Black/Hispanic/Asian

Cinema Environment:

  • 84% of the time, viewers have eyes on cinema ads (2.3x higher than TV)

Measurable Outcomes:

  • We have the tools to measure the value of your media investment from attention all the way to impact with brand lift, sales lift, foot traffic and web lift studies.