Dreamscape VR: Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure

Deep in the jungles of Mesoamerica, the Temple of the Snake God rumbles with anger. You’re on a quest to find the lost pearl, but intruders are not welcome here. The legendary jewel is protected by a deadly curse, and the temple will do anything it can to protect it. Do you have the wits, luck and courage to complete your mission and make it out alive? There’s only one way to find out. Switch on Lavan’s Magic Projector and step into this action-packed adventure, where you become the hero of the story.

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Plan Ahead

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to check in. Remember, Dreamscape adventures are for ages 10 and up. Click below for more tips to prepare for your adventure.

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Explore a Cursed Temple

Towering above the jungle canopy, the Temple of the Snake God is beautiful, majestic...and deadly! Protected by an ancient curse, danger lurks around every corner within its walls of glistening jade.

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Escape With Your Life

The skeletons are not just for decoration. No one has ever made it out of here alive! But just when the odds seem impossible, a cliffhanger can turn into a wild, heart-pounding finish.

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Find the Lost Pearl

Lead a thrilling quest to recover a powerful jewel, hurtling across bottomless chasms, racing through underground tunnels, and feeling the ground quake and shake beneath your feet.

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Step Through the Screen

Roll film on the magic projector, then follow its beams of light to step through the screen and into the movie. Now you’re the hero in a thrilling action-adventure film, The Curse of the Lost Pearl.