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Below the surface lives the largest creature on Earth: the blue whale. These majestic giants once ruled the oceans, but now they need our help. Venture deep beneath the waves to a research station, where you’ll join an elite team of divers on an urgent quest. Power up an AquaScooter and maneuver through shipwrecks, ravines and circling marine life to help reunite a family of whales. Soon you’ll discover that in an ocean full of wonders, the blue is the most wondrous of all.

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Plan Ahead

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to check in. Remember, Dreamscape adventures are for ages 10 and up. Click below for more tips to prepare for your adventure.

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The AquaScooter

Climb aboard the ultimate ocean ride! Navigate through caves and canyons, avoiding shipwrecks and sharks. Part jet ski, part submarine, your AquaScooter was designed for deep-sea exploration.

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Wonders of the Ocean

Venture beneath the waves to an oceanic research station, where you’ll encounter diverse and astonishing marine life as you search for the most magnificent living creatures on Earth: blue whales.

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The Mission

Plunge into aqua blue waters and find yourself eye to eye with the largest animals on Earth. Glide alongside enormous blue whales, getting close (but not too close!) as you help reunite the family.

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Go Deep

Submerge yourself in the wonders of the deep blue ocean, where coral reefs team with vibrant sea life, and you become an elite oceanographer, communicating with seals and great blue whales.