Meet The Blacks Rated R

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When the Black family inherits one million dollars, they leave Detroit and all their debts and problems behind for a better life in Beverly Hills. But what they don't know is that it's the annual purge night in Beverly Hills, where all crime is legal for twelve hours. While they may not know about the purge, all their former enemies in Detroit know all too well. When one in particular comes looking for Dad's fortune claiming it's rightfully his, Dad suddenly has to face all the people from his past who have a serious ax to grind. They come to purge him. But Dad has no plans to give up his money or his new position in life. He and his family decide to stay and fight. Dad is forced to face all his old nemeses from Detroit who have come to track him down, and it's quite a colorful group including his baby mama, weed dealer, and pastor to name a few. But thanks to Dad's quick thinking, they successfully make it through the night. And even though Dad learns that his cousin already spent most of the fortune, they are brought closer together as a family for it. But then, the doorbell rings- it's the realtor looking for the first payment on the house. The Black quickly pack up and head for Camp Crystal Lake. Yeah...that Camp Crystal Lake. The Black family film brand is the first urban comedy that will transport the family through all of today's most bankable and scary horror films, such as THE PURGE.

Running Time
1 hr 33 min
Deon Taylor
Gary Owen, Mike Epps
Release Date
April 1, 2016

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