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Worship Rentals

Movie theatres continue to be a great choice for church plants, multisite campuses, and church relocations in need of a venue to host weekly worship services.


Cinemas are a natural gathering spot in the community. AMC Theatres are located in familiar and prime locations that are easy to find. You often don’t even have to provide the address when inviting guests. Besides being easily accessible, they also come with ample parking.


Remove barriers. Theatres, unlike many traditional church buildings, are a familiar environment that is relevant and welcoming. The non-traditional, comfortable and casual environment of a theatre church is ideal for inviting the people you’re attempting to reach. Be honest: Would you rather revisit your middle school cafeteria or the place you saw your favorite movie?


Theatres are built to deliver a message (sight, sound, layout). Big screens, comfortable seating (with cupholders for the coffee), and great acoustics. It’s an environment designed for storytelling. And you don't have to stack our chairs at the end of the service!