African American Excellence On The Big Screen

February 23rd, 2023African American Excellence On The Big Screen

Massive blockbusters like CREED III, moving dramas like A THOUSAND AND ONE, and movies based on true stories like BIG GEORGE FOREMAN all showcase African American excellence on the big screen. These films, and others like them, will soon bring those stories to packed movie houses around the country, lifting audiences out of their seats and into worlds both imagined and real, and full of hope and empowerment.

AMC Theatres, which leads efforts to make Black voices heard through a showcase of great films, documentaries, and specials, also strives to strengthen its culture to embrace diversity with fairness and impartiality through initiatives like the Council on the AMC African American Experience. This group, which aims to create a more inclusive work environment, takes into consideration everyone who comes into one of its hundreds of locations nationwide to evolve and become a more modern, diverse, and accommodating movie destination.

Below are some of the upcoming films that we're excited for and showcase African American excellence on the big screen…

Creed III

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, and they will soon cross paths in the highly anticipated CREED III. Helmed by Jordan in his directorial debut, the latest installment in the ROCKY/CREED franchise centers on boxing star Adonis Creed (Jordan) as a ghost from his past resurfaces in the form of his childhood friend, Damian Anderson (Majors), who has recently been released from prison after spending 18 years behind bars.

CREED III, which will see Jordan’s popular character go up against his most physical and emotional fight yet, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting March 3.

CREED III opens March 3rd.

A Snowy Day In Oakland

Growing tired of her stalled relationship with her boyfriend, San Francisco-based psychologist Dr. Latrice Monroe (Nicole Ari Parker) decides to go across the bay to get a new lease on life in Oakland. Little does she know that the decision will not only change her life but also those who live in her new neighborhood.

A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND, which was written and directed by Kim Bass, will open in AMC Theatres starting March 17.

A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND opens March 17th.

A Thousand And One

From writer/director A.V. Rockwell, A THOUSAND AND ONE centers on free-spirited Inez (Teyana Taylor) as she makes an unfathomable decision: she kidnaps her six-year-old son, Terry (Aaron Kingsley Adetola) from the foster care system in hopes of finding a better life for them and rekindle the bond shared by mother and child.

A THOUSAND AND ONE, which will also features performances from Aven Courtney and Josiah Cross as older versions of Terry, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting March 31.

A THOUSAND AND ONE opens March 31st.

Back On The Strip

After spending more than 30 years appearing in movies like BLANKMAN, DON’T BE A MENACE, and BLACK DYNAMITE, comedian Chris Spencer is sitting behind the camera for the upcoming comedy film BACK ON THE STRIP. Merlin (Spence Moore III) sets out for Las Vegas with dreams of becoming the next big magician in “Sin City.” However, after getting a job as the frontman of an all-male stripper group known as The Chocolate Chips, life takes a completely different path for the new arrival.

BACK ON THE STRIP, which also stars Wesley Snipes, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and Bill Bellamy, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting April 21.

BACK ON THE STRIP opens April 21st.


Based on the story of French-Caribbean composer Joseph Bologne (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), also known as Chevalier de Saint-Georges, Stephen Williams’ upcoming biographical drama CHEVALIER follows the son of a slave and a wealthy plantation owner as he goes from musical prodigy to a member of Marie Antoinette’s (Lucy Boynton) social circle in 18-century France.

The movie, which also stars Samara Weaving, Minnie Driver, Marton Csokas, and Alex Fitzalan, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting April 21.

CHEVALIER opens April 21st.

Big George Foreman

CREED III isn’t the only big boxing movie coming out this year, as BIG GEORGE FOREMAN: THE MIRACULOUS STORY OF THE ONCE AND FUTURE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, will see one of the most remarkable sports stories of all time unfold on the big screen. The movie, which is helmed by SOUL FOOD and THE HATE U GIVE director George Tillman Jr. will see Khris Davis take on the role of the boxing legend as he comes up in his successful career in the ring.

BIG GEORGE FOREMAN, which will also feature performances by Forest Whitaker, Jasmine Matthews, and Sullivan Jones as Muhammad Ali, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting April 28.

BIG GEORGE FOREMAN opens April 28th.

The Blackening

Director Tim Story will turn the horror comedy genre on its head with the upcoming slasher film, THE BLACKENING. Upon being trapped in a cabin and with a masked killer over Juneteenth weekend, a group of friends are forced to play a preposterous game in which they have to rank their degree of blackness so the killer can determine who lives and who dies.

Playing on the horror genre trope where the Black characters are first to die, THE BLACKENING asks what happens when the entire cast is Black. The movie, which stars Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, Melvin Gregg, Jay Pharoah, and Antoinette Robertson, will open in AMC Theatres locations nationwide starting June 16.

THE BLACKENING opens June 16th.

Each of these movies highlights African American excellence in a significant way, whether it be the story, director, or actors bringing the movies to life on the screen.

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