The Best New Horror Movies

January 8th, 2019The Best New Horror Movies

Horror isn’t just for Halloween. The genre is bigger now than it has ever been, and there’s a horror film for everyone — whether you like yours flavored with gore, comedy or monsters — in every month of the year. 2019 is off to a strong start with horror; it might just be the biggest genre of the year.

Here are the best new horror movies currently in theatres and coming in the first months of 2019.


[Credit: Sony Pictures]

The new year opened with horror, and we couldn’t be happier. Six puzzle enthusiasts are invited to preview an immersive new escape room complex, but they find that the shadowy company behind the operation may have far more than entertainment in mind. Specifically, death waits for those who can’t solve the company’s fiendish games. And since the specific clues and puzzles in each of the successively more dangerous rooms specifically relate to memories and experiences of the six “guests,” there’s some bigger concept at play. Who will survive to unravel the truth? (January 4)


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From the creator of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise comes a new tale of death. Following the passing of his father, struggling lawyer Aaron Hammond (Michael Welch) returns home with the hopes of helping his mom (Lin Shaye, INSIDIOUS) work through her grief. While going through his father’s stuff, Aaron finds an object … and he makes a wish. Let’s just say that ALADDIN isn’t the only movie this year with a genie, but the one in THE FINAL WISH isn’t going to sing or crack jokes. It’s more likely to crack skulls. (January 24)


[Credit: Orion Pictures]

A mother (Taylor Schilling) concerned about her young son’s disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. Jackson Robert Scott, who played Georgie in IT, plays the possibly possessed boy, Miles. And THE PRODIGY comes from director Nicholas McCarthy, who previously made a couple of often-overlooked good horror films, AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR and THE PACT. (February 8)


[Credit: Universal Pictures]

Director Christopher Landon returns with a follow-up to his surprise slasher hit from 2018. Jessica Rothe returns as “Tree” Gelbman, who is once again caught in a murderous time loop. She wakes after being murdered, realizing she’s cursed to relive the day of her death over and over again. This time, she’s not the only one affected — her friends are also caught in the loop — and she also discovers there’s a new killer on the scene. (February 14)

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