A Fiery McConaughey In Dark Tower

July 19th, 2017A Fiery McConaughey In Dark Tower

The Dark Tower may be falling soon given how this second trailer plays out, but if we've learned anything from this upcoming Stephen King adaptation, it's that the McConaissance is stronger than ever. You only need to take one look at Matthew McConaughey as the Man In Black to fear for Idris Elba, even if he is playing Roland Deschain, the formidable Gunslinger

Director Nikolaj Arcel may want us to "All Hail The Crimson King," but it's the Man In Black — otherwise known as Randall Flagg — that we're most impressed by. Amongst the new footage found in this second trailer for The Dark Tower, McConaughey can be seen magically conjuring fire in his hand and even catching bullets out of the air without so much as a glance. The Gunslinger will have to kill with all of his heart if he has any hope of stopping the Man In Black, once and for all.

Check out the second trailer for The Dark Tower below:

While the second trailer didn't seem to offer any new glimpses of the shared universe that's based on the books of Stephen King, new footage of Mid-World and the Gunslinger's eternal battle against the Man In Black reminds us that this is the most ambitious adaptation we've seen of his work yet. IT may have the scare factor and The Mist may be more timely, but The Dark Tower remains Stephen King's magnum opus.

Fortunately, director Nikolaj Arcelhas has avoided the obvious issue of cramming eight books into one movie by moving the story of The Dark Tower forward, rather than simply adapting what fans have already read. With that in mind though, the pressure is now on for The Dark Tower movie to remain faithful to the spirit of Stephen King's prose. While the author himself has described The Dark Tower movie as "awesome", King famously also didn't like some of the movie adaptations which have since become favorites among fans, including The Shining.

It's impossible to tell then how this new version of Mid-World will stack up until The Dark Tower finally reaches cinemas on August 18, but whether the film crumbles at the box office or continues to stand tall, we have faith that Matthew McConaughey has a few more tricks up his sleeve yet.

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