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The Low-Down On Nobody’s Fool

October 19th, 2018The Low-Down On Nobody’s Fool

2018 is already a brilliant year for comedy on film, from GAME NIGHT to BLOCKERS to CRAZY RICH ASIANS. Now Tyler Perry is going to leave his mark on the last months of the year, as his new film NOBODY’S FOOL opens on November 2 — get tickets now!

The fiercely independent Perry has been one of the strongest comedy voices in American film over the last decade. That reputation helped him assemble a stellar cast for NOBODY’S FOOL. Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Amber Riley, and Whoopi Goldberg all play key roles. The filmmaker’s comedies tend to be PG-13 material, but this one got the R rating, which suggests Haddish gets to cut loose.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Tyler Perry-directed flick.

A Protective Sister

Many of Tyler Perry’s comedies have focused on his Madea character, which he originated on stage in the late ’90s. NOBODY’S FOOL is something very different, however. This is an all-new, original script by Perry, and the first footage makes this comedy look like a high-energy collision between great comic talents.

The film primarily hinges on Tanya, who is released from prison and promptly reunites with her sister, Danica. Getting back into regular life isn’t easy, however, and Danica’s life has changed a lot since Tanya last saw her.

The major new thing is that Danica is dating a guy she met online… and Tanya is suspicious of the dude. She thinks Danica is being catfished, and it turns out that she is! Tanya can’t (or won’t) forgive the dude, and goes about exacting revenge.

Friends And Family

NOBODY’S FOOL has a spectacular cast. Quite a few of the actors have worked with Perry in the past, which suggests a valuable rapport between the filmmaker and his cast members.

Tiffany Haddish has the lead as Tanya, who moves in with her sister Danica after a prison sentence, and soon discovers something about Danica’s boyfriend. Tyler Perry gave Haddish a significant early role on the show If Loving You Is Wrong. A few years later, she made the most of her role in Girls Trip, which basically turned her into a star overnight. This is her fourth film of 2018, with The Oath, Night School, and Uncle Drew all having come out earlier this year.

Tika Sumpter, meanwhile, plays Danica. Just as Haddish’s early success was in Perry’s soap opera, Sumpter’s first fame was courtesy of a regular role on One Life To Live. She went on to recurring roles on Gossip Girl and The Game, and gigs in films like the two Ride Along movies, Think Like a Man, and Perry’s own A Madea Christmas.

The supporting cast includes Amber Riley as a close friend of Danica. The celebrated actress is best known for playing Mercedes Jones on Fox musical dramedy Glee, and was crowned the winner of the 2013 series of Dancing With The Stars.

Omari Hardwick plays Tanya’s boyfriend. You’ll hate the role, but Hardwick is great, having previously starred in TV series such as Dark Blue and Saved. He also worked with Tyler Perry in the past; as the two collaborated on For Colored Girls back in 2010.

Last but by no means least, Whoopi Goldberg rounds out the film’s family unit. She plays Tonia, mother of Tanya and Danica. We’re not going to recount Goldberg’s resume here (it would be longer than we have room to accommodate) but we will note that Goldberg and Perry have worked together before, too, on For Colored Girls and Madea Goes to Jail. We’re excited to watch Whoopi and Tiffany Haddish bounce jokes off one another.

Tickets are now on sale for NOBODY’S FOOL, which opens on November 2.

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