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Thea Sharrock's Wicked Little Letters

March 7th, 2024Thea Sharrock's Wicked Little Letters

Get Tickets WICKED LITTLE LETTERS opens March 29

If you are a fan of mysteries, witty black comedies, and movies set in 1920s England, then wait until you see WICKED LITTLE LETTERS, the latest feature film from filmmaker Thea Sharrock. This soon-to-be-released film about two neighbors who become wrapped up in a scandal involving outrageous and obscene letters checks off all three of those boxes, and then some.

Though the film has already opened “across the pond” in the United Kingdom, the film starring Academy Award® winner Olivia Colman and Academy Award nominee Jessie Buckley is about to make its American debut, and you’ll soon be able to check it out at your local AMC Theatres location. But before you run off to purchase tickets, there are some things you may want to know about WICK LITTLE LETTERS…

Mysterious Letters And National Uproar

Based on a true story of an improbable yet very real scandal from 1920s England, WICKED LITTLE LETTERS turns its focus to Edith Swan (Olivia Colman), one of the women receiving the increasingly outrageous and obscene letters, and Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley), a young foul-mouthed mother many assume is responsible for the chaos. The film will explore the tense relationship shared by vastly different neighbors as well as how the seaside town of Littlehampton becomes the epicenter of a national uproar after more residents find themselves targeted by the anonymous writer.

Olivia Colman And Jessie Buckley Star

At the bottom of the string of mysterious letters is the tense relationship between Edith Swan and Rose Gooding, characters brought to life by the tremendously talented Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley. The actresses, whose previous credits include everything from “The Crown” to WOMEN TALKING and THE FAVOURITE to “Chernobyl” between them, bring a lot to the screen and their respective characters.

Colman and Buckley lead the WICKED LITTLE LETTERS cast, but they aren’t the only talented actors who show up in the new historical dramedy. In fact, the movie boasts an incredible ensemble of actors. Joining them on screen in their characters’ seemingly endless battle is Anjana Vasan, who plays a policewoman determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious letters, Hugh Skinner as another police officer tasked with looking into the matter, Timothy Spall as Colman’s on-screen husband, and a host of others.

Thea Sharrock Directs

WICKED LITTLE LETTERS is the latest in a string of feature films helmed by Thea Sharrock, whose previous credits include the Emilia Clarke-led 2016 romantic drama, ME BEFORE YOU, and the 2020 Disney+ fantasy drama, THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, which was based on Katherine Applegate’s novel of the same. Sharrock also directed the upcoming film, THE BEAUTIFUL GAME starring Billy Nighy.

In addition to her film work, Sharrock has also worked on TV shows like “The Hollow Crown” and “Call the Midwife,” as well as an assortment of stage productions, including “Arabian Nights,” “The Emperor Jones,” “The Misanthrope,” “After the Dance,” and “Equus,” which featured Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway debut.

The film was written by Jonny Sweet, an award-winning British comedian and actor whose previous writing credits include TV shows like “Chickens,” “Together,” and “Gap Year.” Though he has appeared in various movies over the years, WICKED LITTLE LETTERS was Sweet’s film debut as a screenwriter.

Watch The Trailer

If you want to get a better understanding of the stranger-than-fiction story at the heart of WICKED LITTLE LETTERS, watching the film’s trailer will certainly do the trick. Released just a few months before the upcoming March theatrical release in the United States, StudioCanal debuted a quick 90-second trailer that introduced the major characters and situations that will take part in the movie while also giving us a taste of the biting comedy and drama that is to follow.

On top of all of that, the trailer also teases some kind of conspiracy that is behind the letter-sending campaign that has Edith Swan and other Littlehampton residents so up in arms. Will there be a bigger, and more nefarious, plan behind it all or is this actually the work of Rose Gooding with her foul mouth and rebellious spirit? We will just have to wait and see when WICKED LITTLE LETTERS hits the big screen…

Thea Sharrock's WICKED LITTLE LETTERS looks like a movie that is full of humor, drama, suspense, and most of all, heart. Make sure to visit your nearest AMC Theatres location later in March to see the movie for yourself, and also don’t forget to check out AMC Scene for all the latest news and features about some of the year’s biggest and most anticipated releases.

Get Tickets WICKED LITTLE LETTERS opens March 29

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