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What Makes Problemista An Artisan Film

March 7th, 2024What Makes Problemista An Artisan Film

Get Tickets PROBLEMISTA is now playing at select AMC Theatres

For the past five years, the AMC Artisan Films program has shed light on a number of films that push boundaries, spark conversation, and bring a unique vision and perspective to moviegoers around the world. Massive blockbusters like DUNE: PART TWO and THE BATMAN, as well as Academy Award® winners like DRIVE MY CAR and EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, have all received the seal during that stretch of time. Now, another movie, Julio Torres’ PROBLEMISTA, has been added to that lofty list of decorated films.

So, what makes PROBLEMISTA an AMC Artisan Film? Funny you should ask… Come with us as we break down this imaginative and poignant surrealist comedy about an aspiring Salvadorian toymaker navigating the confusing, maddening and flawed United States immigration system to pursue his dreams, and why this A24 film, with its outstanding cast, is something audiences should check out this spring at AMC Theatres.

Brings A Unique Vision And Perspective

After watching the PROBLEMISTA trailer, or even catching a glimpse of its colorful and eye-catching poster, it doesn’t take long to figure out that Julio Torres’ feature film directorial debut brings both a unique vision and perspective to the big screen. On the surface, the movie is a tale about a Saladorian toy maker named Alejandro (Torres) attempting to extend his work visa by helping a mysterious and eccentric art critic, but the first-time filmmaker strives to make something more of it.

The film blends surrealism and satire to create an experience like no other, one that captures the heart and soul of its immigrant protagonist and the lively, outrageous and wild world of the New York art world and the broken and bureaucratic madness of government agencies. Combine that with dreamlike fantasy sequences that blend the lines between reality and imagination, and you have an AMC Artisan Film that takes audiences to places, ordinary and fantastical, they never knew existed.

Pushes Boundaries And Sparks Conversation

In addition to offering a unique vision and perspective to a struggle faced by millions of people every year, PROBLEMISTA also pushes boundaries and sparks conversation, another staple of the AMC Artisan Films program. This thought-provoking surrealist comedy doesn’t shy away from the topic of immigration and how the system currently in place makes life unnecessarily complicated for those trying to do something as simple as extending their work visa.

With his unflinching approach to the subject, both as a filmmaker and an actor, Julio Torres creates a film and performance that will surely be talked about for years to come. If PROBLEMISTA makes the viewer feel uncomfortable or moved, then Torres has been successful in his efforts to push boundaries and spark conversations about one of the key issues of our time. And if the film, its messages, and its performances, lead to more people learning about the flawed U.S. immigration system, then we may be better off for it.

Unites An Acclaimed Cast

Another key component that makes PROBLEMISTA an AMC Artisan Film is the acclaimed cast at the center of its story. Each of the actors who share the screen with Torres adds another dynamic as well as their own personal journeys to help better flesh out its magical and emotional story about a young artist who refuses to give up on his version of the “American Dream.”

Right there beside Torres’ Alejandro through much of the film is Tilda Swinton’s Elizabeth, an eccentric art critic whose over-the-top and brash personality and sense of humor have resulted in her earning the status of an outcast in the New York art community. The Academy Award-winning actress has dazzled in films like MICHAEL CLAYTON, VANILLA SKY, DOCTOR STRANGE, and various Wes Anderson films over the years.

Catalina Saavedra, who has given decorated performances in THE MAID, THE PUNISHMENT, and ROTTING IN THE SUN, takes on the role of Alejandro’s mother, Dolores, while Wu-Tang Clan member RZA and PAST LIVES star Greta Lee show up as Elizabeth’s artist husband Bobby and the toy maker’s friend, Dalia, respectively.

Other actors who appear in PROBLEMISTA include James Scully, Laith Nakil, Larry Owens, Megan Staller, and Isabella Rossellini, who serves as the film’s narrator.

While these are the major aspects that make PROBLEMISTA an AMC Artisan Film, there are a number of other components that were also instrumental in Julio Torres’ surrealist comedy earning a spot on the list. The dreamlike sequences and genre-bending nature of the film certainly pushed the actors outside their comfort zones and Robert Ouyang Rusli’s compelling score only adds to the enchanting cinematic experience.

And, you can see it for yourself by catching PROBLEMISTA on the big screen at select AMC Theatres locations nationwide and abroad this spring.

Get Tickets PROBLEMISTA is now playing at select AMC Theatres

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