AMC Stubs® A-List™ Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: November 5, 2018


  1. Overview; Terms

Welcome to AMC Stubs A-List (“A-List”). As described in more detail in Section 2 below. A-List is a tier of the AMC Stubs® loyalty program that provides, in addition to other benefits, access to eligible films in AMC Theatres’ U.S. locations for a monthly fee (“Membership”). AMC Stubs A-List is brought to you by American Multi-Cinema, Inc. (collectively “we”, “us”, “our”, “ours”, “AMC Theatres”).

Your participation in or use of an A-List Membership at any time subjects the user ("you," "your," "yours", "Member") to the provisions of these AMC Stubs A-List Terms and Conditions ("Service Terms"). As part of the AMC Stubs® loyalty program, the A-List Membership is further subject to the AMC Stubs General Program Terms and Conditions (“AMC Stubs General Program Terms”), the AMC website Terms & Conditions of Use ("General Terms"), and AMC’s Privacy Policy, which are all incorporated herein by this reference. Here are links to these terms and conditions, for your reference:

These Service Terms, including those relating to the features of the A-List tier described in Section 2 below, may be changed (added to, deleted or modified) from time to time by our publishing changed Service Terms at that URL or any replacement URL, provided that we will send to the e-mail address you provide to us for your Membership notice of any material change in the A-List membership terms, including information on how to cancel your Membership. Any changed Service Terms will apply to your Membership as of the Effective Date stated on the changed terms, subject to cancelation within the specified notice period in the case of a material change.

Please read the AMC Stubs General Program Terms, the General Terms and these Service Terms carefully, and keep copies for your reference and check online from time to time to review the current versions of each, as they are legally binding and govern the relationship between you and us with respect to the A-List Membership. In particular, please note that terms in the General Terms that are incorporated into these Service Terms and apply to the Membership include without limitation Electronic Communications, Mobile Services, Use of Service Is At Your Own Risk, Disclaimer of Implied Warranties, Limits on Liability, Indemnity, Binding Arbitration and Class Action Waiver, and Applicable Law.

In the event of any conflict between the AMC Stubs General Program Terms or the General Terms and these Service Terms with respect to the Membership, the Service Terms will control.

  1. Description of Service

AMC Stubs A-List is a membership tier of the AMC Stubs loyalty program that allows Members to enjoy a weekly moviegoing experience at AMC Theatres U.S. locations for a monthly fee. Similar to the AMC Stubs Premiere membership tier, Members also earn points, rewards, special offers and other benefits. See full program terms and conditions at

Members in good standing are entitled to entrance to up to three (3) separate movie showtimes per week during a Membership period, valid for any regularly scheduled showtime at any AMC theatre in the United States. For purposes of the A-List Membership, a "week" means Friday 6:00 a.m. to the next Friday at 5:59 a.m., with times based on the time zone of the theatre that you have designated as your favorite theatre. You may select up to three (3) showtime admissions on the same day during a week, provided showtimes do not overlap. Weekly availability does not carry forward, regardless of use, and unused/no-show reservations count toward use.

With respect to each such film, to gain admission the Member must make a reservation for upcoming showtimes at the AMC box office, on-site ticket kiosk, the AMC mobile app or online at Reservations may be made in advance at any time after tickets are on sale to the public, subject to sell-out conditions. Members may not have more than three (3) pending reservations at any one time, regardless of whether such showtimes fall within the same week. For example, if you have made advance reservations for three showtimes, you will not be able to use this benefit for admission to a fourth film until at least one of those existing reservations has been used or cancelled.

Films that are eligible for this A-List benefit are standard 2D, Digital, films as well as films in RealD® 3D and Premium Large Formats (“PLFs”). PLFs include Dolby Cinema ®, IMAX® at AMC®, PRIME at AMC®, BigD® and D-Box. AMC will make reasonable efforts to include every film but reserves the right to selectively exclude titles on a limited basis. IMAX VR ® and special events such as, but not limited to, premium fan events, private screenings, movie marathon/double features, Metropolitan Opera, broadcasts of sporting events and other showtimes and events that are priced above standard ticket price admissions (including select showtimes of certain foreign language films) are not eligible and are excluded from the A-List Program.

To redeem a reservation, Members must present a ticket along with a matching valid photo ID. Tickets may be obtained at the AMC theatre box office, theatre point of sale kiosk, or via the AMC website or mobile app, using the Membership name and account number. Admission under the A-List Membership is limited to only the individual named as the Member and is not valid for admission of friends or family members or other persons not the named Member. Guests attempting to use an A-List ticket without a matching valid photo ID will be not admitted into the theatre. The name on the valid photo ID, the ticket and the A-List Membership must match exactly.

  1. Continuous Service and Cancellation

AMC Stubs A-List membership tier is a continuous service membership program. A-List has an initial non-cancelable term of three (3) monthly membership periods (the "Initial Commitment"). Thereafter, your Membership continues until it is canceled by you or us. Once cancelled, an individual may not renew a Membership in the A-List membership tier for a period of six (6) months.

Your initial monthly membership period begins on the date you sign up for the A-List Program, and each following membership period begins on the same calendar day that you signed up (for example, if you sign up on January 15, your first membership period begins on that day, your next membership period begins on February 15, etc.). If you sign up on the 31st day of a month, membership periods thereafter will begin on the last day of a month in the case of a month with fewer than 31 days.

The A-List Membership fee for each membership period, including each of the three-monthly periods of the Initial Commitment, is set forth in the disclosure enclosed within a box at the beginning of these Service Terms, plus applicable taxes. The fee will be automatically charged/debited to your payment method by us pursuant to your automatic payment authorization in Section 5 below on or after the first day of each membership period.

You may cancel your Membership at any time, provided that a cancellation notice given during the Initial Commitment will not take effect until the end of the Initial Commitment, and a notice given thereafter will take effect at the end of the membership period during which the notice of cancellation is given. You must give us notice at least five (5) business days before the end of the Initial Commitment or any Membership period in order to avoid our billing of the Membership fee for the next membership period. For questions, you may call Guest Services at 1-888-562-4262. To cancel your Membership, you can contact us at

In addition, your access to A-List Membership benefits will automatically terminate effective as of the end of the then current membership period if you cancel your automatic payment authorization set forth in Section 5 below. Upon cancellation without cause, Members will be automatically moved to the AMC Stubs tier in which they were a member prior to joining the A-List tier, or if none, to the AMC Stubs Insider (no-fee) tier. Provided that if the member is moved to the AMC Stubs Premiere tier, membership at the Premiere tier will continue for the remaining paid AMC Stubs Premiere membership period. Thereafter, Members may either renew at the AMC Stubs Premiere tier, move to the Insider (no-fee) tier or request to be removed from the AMC Stubs membership program.

There are no partial refunds of membership fees if you cancel your Membership, and you will continue to have access to the A-List benefits through the end of the last membership period for which you have paid in full.

You understand that tickets reserved using A-List Membership are intended to be used, and habitual no-show activity may result, in our sole judgment, in cancellation of a Membership for cause and without a prorated refund. We also may cancel a Membership for cause in the event of misuse, fraud or violations of these terms and conditions. If we cancel the A-List tier or your Membership without cause, we will, in our discretion, either continue your Membership through the end of the current membership period or provide a refund of a prorated portion of the Membership fee plus applicable taxes based on the unexpired portion of your current membership period as of the effective date of cancellation.

  1. Eligibility

Memberships are available only to residents of the United States 16 years of age or older. A valid photo identification card and accepted form of Payment Method (as defined below in Section 5) are required for Membership. When entering your name at sign up for the A-List Membership, please keep in mind that your name on our records for membership must exactly match your name on the photo ID you plan on using in connection with your Membership, including at theatres. For an ID to be considered valid, it must be issued by a government or school and include your full name and photo. Identification cards not meeting these qualifications, electronic or photocopies, or those issued by a private corporation are not acceptable.

You must also have an e-mail account, the ability to receive communications by e-mail and have opted in to do so. You are required to provide us with an e-mail address that we can use to communicate with you regarding your Membership, and you agree to immediately notify us of any change in your e‑mail address.

Memberships are nontransferable, except to a new membership for the same Member in the case of a lost or stolen membership number and may not be shared with others. Membership may not be offered for resale, and a Membership is not redeemable for cash under any circumstance unless required by law. Membership fees are taxable to the Member where required by law.

Memberships are intended for individual use only, and are not available to organizations, legal entities or groups such as but not limited to businesses, churches, daycare, non-profits, etc.

Violation of any of the foregoing eligibility requirements may result in immediate cancellation of a Membership for cause and without a prorated refund.

AMC Theatres also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as it deems necessary and will be entitled to recover damages, attorneys' fees and court costs as allowed by applicable law.

  1. Automatic Payment Authorization

By signing up for the A-List Membership, you authorize AMC Theatres to initiate charges/debits to the credit card or debit card ("Payment Method") information provided to us in connection with your Membership automatically to pay the Membership fee plus applicable taxes due for each membership period and any other amounts you may owe us. You are responsible for updating your Payment Method, including any change in account number or payment card expiration date. If you have more than one Payment Method on file, we may charge/debit any such Payment Method.

Charges/debits will be made to the Payment Method on or after the first day of each membership period (including during the Initial Commitment discussed above) and in the amount of $19.95 plus applicable taxes for the membership period. If you cancel during the Initial Commitment, you will be charged immediately for the remaining Initial Commitment period and your membership benefits will continue until the end of the Initial Commitment.

If a charge/debit is returned unpaid, we may in our discretion and upon notice sent to you by e-mail immediately suspend your Membership, and you will not be able to use the A-List Program services to reserve additional showtimes. We will resubmit returned charges/debits up to the maximum number of times and within the periods permitted by payment network rules. If resubmissions are accepted, we will re-activate your Membership. If one or more resubmissions is rejected or the Membership fee otherwise continues to remain unpaid, we may in our discretion and upon notice sent to you by e-mail cancel your Membership and any pending showtime reservations will be cancelled. You also remain responsible for any unpaid fees that were due during the Initial Commitment.

The Membership is based on authorization of automatic payments to the Payment Method you choose. Accordingly, automatic payment authorization will continue until cancelled by you or us, and if you cancel automatic payments, we will automatically cancel your Membership in the A-List Program. You may not cancel automatic payments for the first three membership periods, which as discussed above are included in the Initial Commitment. Thereafter, you may cancel this authorization by calling 888-562-4262 or at Your cancellation will take effect after we have had a reasonable opportunity to act on it, up to a maximum of five (5) business days.

We will provide you with at least ninety (90) days' prior written notice via e-mail of material changes to the Membership benefits or if the Membership fee to be charged or debited changes, provided that you agree we will only send such notice when the change is due to a change in the Membership fee and not a change in applicable taxes.

Please print or save to your computer or electronic device a copy of this authorization for your records.