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Need information on tickets, passes, gift cards? Learn about what "No Passes" and "Special Engagement" actually mean and the restrictions on how passes can be used (with surcharges) to see just about anything.

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Where do I purchase AMC ticket packages?

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Who can I contact if I have additional questions about my AMC Gift Card?

Where can I purchase an AMC Gift Card?

What is an AMC Gift Card?

What forms of payment do you accept for gift cards?

What AMC Gift Card denominations are there to choose from?

Can someone else use my AMC Gift Card?

Can I use my AMC Gift Card to buy tickets on the showtime line?

Can I use an AMC Gift Card to purchase another AMC Gift Card?

Can I purchase concession items with an AMC Gift Card?

Can I combine more than one gift card?

Can I buy tickets online with an AMC gift card?

Are there discounts available for Gift Card purchases?

What is the current balance of my AMC Gift Card?

What types of AMC Gift Cards are there?

Where are AMC Gift Cards honored?

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What passes can be used?

How do I know if my pass is restricted for new releases?

What does "No Passes" or "Special Engagement" Mean?

What passes and coupons do you honor?

Are there any restrictions on the AMC Silver Experience™ tickets?

Are there any restrictions on the AMC Gold Experience™ tickets?

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What are the age groups for a Child and Senior tickets?

What is the convenience fee for?

Where can I find information on prices?

What is your policy on tickets purchased through

What are the restrictions for Special Engagements?

What do I do if I'm having problems with the showtimes hotline?

What payment types do you accept for tickets?

Do you take tickets from or

Do you provide a senior discount?

Can I purchase movie tickets online?