Chase Morgan's parents named him Chase in hopes that he would pursue something, be a man of action. Instead he's ended up the opposite. But in his senior year of high school, someone comes along who turns that around. Gracia has charisma, intelligence, character--all the things Chase and his best friend OB admire. She also has a story they know nothing about. It moves her to reach out to Bobbi, a classmate in trouble from a dating relationship gone too far. As Bobbi and her boyfriend struggle with a life-and-death decision, Gracia gets drawn into debating her teacher about the origins of life, and Chase takes the risk of going public with his Christian faith. The outcome is respect and conflict, reconciliation and redemption.

  • Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts.1 hr 47 minPG13
  • Sep 15, 2017
  • Drama

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  • Ben Davies

    Ben DaviesActor

    Ben Davies has been acting since before he could walk. In fact, he was still in diapers when he appeared in his first national TV and print ad campaign. The scion of a successful model and an All American athlete, Ben was blessed with both striking physical features and a strong physical body. He was ranked the No. 1 high school decathlete in the nation by Track & Field News and went on to join the University of Florida Collegiate Track and Field team in his quest for Olympic gold. Multiple injuries, and a complex and risky surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, left Ben frustrated on the sidelines, wondering whether he would ever compete again; wondering if his athletic scholarship would even be renewed. It was at that low point that Ben got the call to audition for Sherwood Pictures' highly anticipated new film, Courageous. Ben booked the co-starring role of David Thomson and won the "Light In Hollywood Award" for that performance. Transitioning from athletics to full time acting, Ben has landed the lead role in ten feature films earning awards and nominations for 'Best Male Actor" in five film festivals including: International Christian Film Festival and The Attic Film Festival for the lead role of Derek for Vindication, and Kingdomwood Film Festival for the role of Lucas Green in New Hope. Action roles requiring great athletic ability were always Ben's favorite until he was offered the male lead in I'm Not Ashamed, the true story of Rachel Scott at Columbine High School. "I spent over a year doing research on Rachel Joy Scott before playing Rachel's special friend Nathan Ballard including spending time with her mother, and even living homeless. Rachel was fearless, compassionate and loved people. I wanted my character and performance to highlight just how special and amazing Rachel was," Davies said. In addition to acting and athletics, Ben is also an award winning writer -winning inspirational screen play in the Nashville Film Festival 2014, is a popular public speaker, and TV host. Ben enjoys sharing his faith and strives to be a role model.
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    TOM SIMESDirector

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    TOM SIMESProducer

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