Dreamscape VR - Alien Zoo

For the first time ever, the IWF is inviting humans to visit the Alien Zoo. Come take a breathtaking tour of a wildlife refuge in space, where the IWF has gathered an astounding assortment of lifeforms from the far corners of the universe to save them from extinction. Come face to face with endangered species from across the galaxy. Some friendly. Some ferocious. All rare and wondrous creatures.

  • Jan 1, 2020

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Plan Ahead

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to check in. Remember, Dreamscape adventures are for ages 10 and up. Click below for more tips to prepare for your adventure.

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Saved from Extinction

The Intergalactic Wildlife Federation protects endangered species from across the galaxy in an orbiting wildlife refuge, where each creature feels right at home in its preternatural habitat.

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Frolic with Frogcats

Small, smart and very curious, these inquisitive creatures will definitely want to become your friends. Their second set of eyes lets them look above and below water - so they see everything.

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Soar with the Skyrays

Extremely lightweight, these jumbo gliders float on air currents and heat columns. Listen closely and you’ll hear them whistle to each other as they move through the sky.

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Greet the Elqui

These friendly browsers resemble earth-dwelling horses, yet are genetic cousins to manatees. Their curved tusks, dexterous snouts, and plated teeth allow them to chew through nearly anything.