Recently widowed and retired geologist Guan Zhiguo (Zhang Guoli) eagerly anticipates the annual summer visit of his four children, but one after another, they call to cancel. He decides to step outside his Beijing courtyard to check up on his brood. First Guan tries to look up his photographer son Hao (Chen He, Running Man), who hasnt called in a while. When he arrives at HaosAatelier in Tianjin, he finds itAlong deserted. Next stop is Hanzhou, where eldest daughter Qing (Yao Chen, Firestorm,) is a successful commercial director & is married to a successful surgeon, but her absentee behavior towards their son suggests Guans own parenting style. Guan then moves on to Shanghai to see his son Quan (Shawn Dou, Wolf Totem), but is appalled to find hes left his day job and apartmentAto launchAa startup with other hipsters. GuanAarrives in Macau to visit his youngest daughter, Chu (Ye Qianyun), whom he and his wife groomed to be a ballerina since childhood, but is evasive about both her dance career and her suggestive relationship with a bosom friend (Zhang Xinyi, Uncle Victory). As Guans relationships with his children appear to unfortunately divulge much of their true nature, a secret the siblings are withholding may unveil the honesty and compassion thats been missing from Guan and his children.

  • Jan 29, 2016
  • Drama

Cast & Crew


    SHAWN DOUActor




    YAO CHENActor


    CHEN HEActor


    ZHANG MENGDirector

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