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When Geethanjali movie director Srinivas and his team of writers have decided to quit films after they failed to get any offers, they get a surprising call from a businessman in Ooty who invites them to Ooty with an offer to produce a movie with them. Excited with the offer they travel to Ooty and meet Mr.Vishnu a millionaire business man who is passionate about movies. He tells them that he has written one horror story which he wants them to make. Thrilled by the offer Srinivas and his team accept his offer. For this purpose he has already bought one abundant Bungalow which is known as 'Sangeeth Mahal' and he wants them to stay there and also shoot at the same location. He also makes all of them sign agreements. But what Srinivas and his team are not aware is, the whole town knows that there are a family of Ghosts staying in that bungalow who have killed many locals. With lots of effort Srinivas and his team assemble cast and crew to begin the shooting in 'Sangeeth Mahal'. Their old friend Anjali is also roped in to do the main lead in the movie. Mr. Vishnu who is producing the movie has different plans for Srinivas, Anjali and his team. He wants them to die in the hands of the ghosts living in that Mahal. Because he's an illegitimate son of Mr. Rao Ramesh who was killed by the spirit of Geetanjali, who's the sister of Anjali. At the beginning of the shooting itself Srinivas and his two writers see the three ghosts who scare the shit out of them. They realize the danger and confront the producer Mr. Vishnu. He acts as though he doesn't believe them. He also threatens them that they can not go back from the agreement which they have signed and they would be facing imprisonment and a penalty of 3 crores if they stop shooting. With no option left Srinivas decides to complete the shooting without informing the other cast and crew members. When they also see them, he covers it up by saying that they are method actors. How they manage to complete the film and how the Spirit of Geethanjali comes again at a crucial moment to save her sister and her friends is the rest of the Story of 'Geethanjali malli Vachhindi'.

  • 2 hr 20 minNR
  • Apr 11, 2024
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Srinivasa ReddyActor

  • AnjaliActor

  • Satyam RajeshActor

  • BrahmajiActor

  • SatyaActor

  • Shakala ShankarActor

  • Shiva ThurlapatiDirector

  • M.V.V. SatyanarayanaProducer

  • Kona VenkatProducer

  • Kona VenkatWriter