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Pegasus 2

2 hr


The former champion driver Zhang Chi (played by Shen Teng) became a driving school instructor in troubled times, living a life of relying on his reputation to make ends meet. Unexpectedly, the director of Laotoule Automobile Factory (played by Jia Bing), who is on the verge of suspending production, offers to sponsor Zhang Chi to form a team to compete in the last Bayinbrook Rally. Faced with this overwhelming wealth, Zhang Chi is ready to make a move, but no one knows the real purpose behind the factory director... Li Xiaohai (played by Fan Chengcheng), the driver who brought money to join the team, seems to be pure and kind, but why does he have an identity that is incompatible with his identity? Super talent? Zhang Chi summoned his old friends Sun Yuqiang (played by Yin Zheng) and Ji Xing (played by Zhang Benyu), and formed a team with the talented driver Li Xiaohai and the rookie driving school student Liu Xiande (played by Sun Yizhou) who always failed to pass the driving test. The grass-roots team overcame many difficulties and rushed to the stadium with a lot of laughter. This time he will cross the finish line that has appeared in countless dreams...

  • 2 hr
  • Feb 9, 2024
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Teng ShenActor

  • Chengcheng FanActor

  • Zheng YinActor

  • Xiang WeiActor

  • Bing JiaActor

  • Yizhou SunActor

  • Kai ZhangActor

  • Shi YuActor

  • Benyu ZhangActor

  • Han HanDirector