The Witness Rated PG13

The Witness PG13 PT112M
Running Time
1 hr 52 min
Release Date
October 30, 2015

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  • @koalahan0420

    Almost an year after it's release, I watched this movie "The Witness". I choose this picture…

  • @maessi_

    The Witness is another great movie. Another great movie of Luhan

  • @maessi_

    Luhan is a cool, hot guy as he describe himself in movie The witness. Oh god he is so handsome in there

  • @maessi_

    Now watching The Witness. Another movie of Luhan. Yieee 😍😍

  • @w_jjniu

    RT @luking0420: [INFO] 160902 The movie 'The Witness' will be released on Sept 14 in South Korea #LuHan #LuHanWitness…

  • @AndrewKlass

    Tfw you try to go see a movie and end up possibly needing to go to court as the witness of a crime but also still get to see the movie

  • @trilestari_ria

    The Witness Movie China Luhan[Exo]