• Dine & Recline

    At Dine-In Theatres, you're invited to put your feet up. Relax into power recliners & enjoy great meals! Complete with personal swiveling tables, our recliners are waiting for you—sit back & eat up!

  • Power Reclining!

    The power to relax is in your hands. Seat warmers make it cozy, AMC makes comfort easy! Take your movie experience to the max when you tilt back & sink in to the comfort now reclining near you!

  • Great Movies, Premium Comfort

    You're going to love the revolutionary luxury of our premium recliners! Experience the best in entertainment & comfort when you lean back, stretch out, and settle in for a great time at the movies!

  • Full On Fun with AMC Full Recliners

    Experience the coziest, most luxurious seating around when you sit back with our full recliners! Relax & unwind like never before when you leave the drama to the screen and sink into easy comfort!

  • Dolby Cinema™ Recliner

    This sleek, top-of-the-line recliner features seat transducers that reverberate with the action. Only available in Dolby Cinema™ auditoriums