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21 Bridges Brings Some MCU Magic to a Fast-Paced Cop Thriller

November 8th, 201921 Bridges Brings Some MCU Magic to a Fast-Paced Cop Thriller

After making quite possibly the greatest comic book movie ever, Anthony and Joe Russo are ready to move on to different and exciting landscapes in the world of movies. With the two serving as part of the talented directors that have made up the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s stable, they basically have a blank check to cash in at this point, and cash it they are!

One of their first films after the resounding success of AVENGERS: ENDGAME is an effort that they’re producing rather than directing: the fast-paced cop thriller 21 BRIDGES. Starring fellow Marvel Studios notable Chadwick Boseman, this pot-boiler involves one fateful night in New York and a lone detective dedicated to uncovering the truth before it’s too late.

While most audiences are used to seeing Boseman play the role of BLACK PANTHER’s King T’Challa, the actor’s latest film sees him stepping into the role of Andre Davis, an NYPD detective tasked with solving the murders of some fellow officers. Though it looks like a clear-cut murder in the line of duty, Detective Davis’ investigation will uncover some secrets others would like to remain hidden.

Just by looking at the 21 BRIDGES’ trailer, you can almost feel the influence of not only Boseman’s performance, but also his co-producing credit alongside Anthony and Joe Russo. As the three have helped guide this film through production, you can’t help but feel the slick nature of an MCU film when looking at this unique thriller.

Much like comic book movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 21 BRIDGES looks to be operating in a genre that’s familiar to audiences, but in a fresh and original way. Detective Andre Davis isn’t a super cop, nor is he someone who just shoots their way through the course of events. With a cool and even temper, but the freedom to act when need be, Chadwick Boseman is a detective who knows the when right conversation can prevent him from having to pull a trigger.

With the producing and acting skills that Boseman and the Russo brothers have put into this project, 21 BRIDGES is a standout in the action-thriller genre — and a must-see on the big screen at your local AMC.

Tickets are now on sale for 21 BRIDGES, which opens November 22.

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