4 New Characters You'll Meet in Frozen II

November 22nd, 20194 New Characters You'll Meet in Frozen II

We can barely contain our excitement to reunite with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf in FROZEN II. It's been seven years since we've seen them on the big screen — three years inside the walls of Arendelle. We can't wait to see what's happened since and how they've grown as a family.

Thankfully, the anticipated sequel opens everywhere today, and if you haven't got your tickets yet, head over to the AMC website now.

FROZEN II will not only catch us up with our favorite characters, but also introduce some new faces as they travel across enchanted lands in search of the truth behind Elsa's powers. Recently, during a visit to Walt Disney Animation Studios, the filmmakers shared with us a few details about these new additions, plus a brief recap of where we left off with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. Let's start there.


The kingdom now accepts our magical heroine, Elsa (Idina Menzel), and she works hard to be a good queen. But a voice begins to beckon her to leave Arendelle and uncover secrets about her past. The voice becomes so strong, Elsa can't help but listen, and she decides to set off on a dangerous, but cathartic journey.


The forever optimistic sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), has everything she wants. Her family is together under one roof, and Arendelle is safe. But when Elsa declares she must leave, and a new threat to the kingdom looms on the horizon, Anna is determined to go with her. Their bond is as strong as ever, though she questions if they'll ever be able to return to the happiness they had at home.


Kristoph (Jonathan Groff) and his trusted reindeer, Sven, are also back in FROZEN II. The well-traveled iceman is ready to take the next step in his relationship with Anna, who is unaware of his future plans as she's distracted by what's happening with Elsa. His efforts to pop the question go awry, and he doesn't hesitate to join the sisters in their quest.


The lovable snowman (Josh Gad) is living life to the fullest. Everything is still so new to him, and his childlike curiosity provides hope even during dark times. Of course, he joins Elsa, Anna and Kristoph on their epic adventure and learns more about the world and himself in the process.

New Characters


Mother to Anna and Elsa, Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood) is introduced in FROZEN II, and she has her own hidden past. She cares deeply for her daughters and wants to protect them at all costs, but she understands they must seek out the truth for themselves. Through a haunting lullaby titled "All Is Found," she shares an important, but mysterious lesson with the girls about a river that holds all of the answers.

Destin Mattias

Along their journey, Elsa and friends meet a loyal Arendelle lieutenant (Sterling K. Brown), who became trapped in the enchanted forest 30 years ago in a battle against the kingdom's enemy, the Northuldra. Destin Mattias has never forgotten his sworn duty to Arendelle, but the arrival of Queen Elsa and discovery that she has magical powers is just the first of many challenges to his long-held beliefs.

The Nokk

A mythical water spirit, the Nokk takes the form of a horse with the power of the ocean in the charge of a stallion. You see a glimpse of the fierce warrior in the FROZEN II trailers, as Elsa tries to freeze the larger-than-life waves to escape a desolate island. The Nokk guards the secrets of the forest fiercely, and in order to get past the spirit, a person must prove they are worthy and earn its respect.


The most adorable character in the FROZEN franchise, Bruni is a tiny salamander that Elsa befriends. Though small, Bruni's fire powers are mighty inside the enchanted forest.

There are a lot of magical forces in FROZEN II — even the wind, cleverly called Gale, and rock formations are given life and special abilities, some to help Elsa, others to stop her in her quest. But Elsa herself is a force, and we believe her journey, and the secrets she uncovers, will only make her stronger.

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