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4 Reasons to Be Excited for Countdown

October 18th, 20194 Reasons to Be Excited for Countdown

While IT CHAPTER TWO has given us plenty of nightmares since its September release, we haven’t seen a ton of new horror movies come out in the last few weeks — but soon COUNTDOWN will be arriving to end the drought. The film has a very simple premise, but also looks like it has more than a few scares in store, and it won’t be long until it’s playing in theatres everywhere.

Tickets are now on sale for COUNTDOWN’s opening weekend, starting October 25, and it’s one of the most anticipated releases of the rest of the month. Why are we excited? Allow us to break it down…

It has a great social satire premise

COUNTDOWN In case you hadn’t noticed, modern society is seriously addicted to smartphones, and COUNTDOWN has that fixation front and center in its plot. In the movie, a new app has become all the rage, its only function being to generate a countdown clock that tells the user when they are going to die. At first, it seems just like a silly random number generator, but soon people start to discover that the results are disturbingly accurate. There’s a lot of room in that idea to examine our world’s fascination with hand-held devices.

It looks like it has a cool, scary monster

Countdown Instead of going a FINAL DESTINATION-esque route and having characters basically walk into situations that cause their own deaths, COUNTDOWN appears to have a monster roaming around that is doing the bulk of the movie’s slaying. The trailer for the film only provides brief glimpses of the creature (which is a good thing), but the sight of its long arms and clawed fingers definitely has us excited to see all of the scares that it can generate.

Horror is really clicking right now

Countdown Horror movies are very much clicking with audiences right now, as we have seen the release of many massive hits in the last few years, including GET OUT, HALLOWEEN, US, THE CONJURING films, A QUIET PLACE and more. Filmmakers skilled at scaring audiences are coming out of the woodwork, and there’s hope that COUNTDOWN will be the latest hit.

It’s arriving just in time for Halloween

Countdown Part of what’s great about COUNTDOWN’s release (and why you should buy your tickets now) is that it’s coming out just in time for the greatest horror movie holiday of them all: Halloween! Going to the movies around this time of year to see a scary feature is practically tradition all around the world now, and this is a great way to celebrate in 2019.

COUNTDOWN tickets are on sale now, and you can see the movie in theatres October 25.

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