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4 Reasons to see Black and Blue When It Hits Theatres

October 9th, 20194 Reasons to see Black and Blue When It Hits Theatres

The fall season is known in the cinema world for being populated with heavy dramas that are reaching for Oscar® gold, but director Deon Taylor’s BLACK AND BLUE will also be bringing a splash of action into the field to mix things up a bit. It’s a ticking-clock thriller that looks to take on a lot of modern issues thematically, while also featuring some legitimately intense action.

It’s one of the most exciting releases coming up, and with tickets on sale now, it's time to get pumped. Are you looking forward to seeing BLACK AND BLUE in theatres? We are, and here's why.

It’s an exciting lead role for Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris in Black and Blue Whether it be in massive blockbusters like SKYFALL and SPECTRE or indie gems like MOONLIGHT, Naomie Harris has spent years showcasing an impressive level of talent, and yet the majority of her career has seen her playing supporting roles. That changes in a big way with BLACK AND BLUE, and it’s exciting for her to get the opportunity to shine like she deserves.

It has an excellent supporting cast

Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson in Black and Blue While it appears that BLACK AND BLUE is definitely Naomie Harris’ big spotlight opportunity, it’s also worth acknowledging that the film has surrounded her with an outstanding cast of supporting actors. The list starts with Tyrese Gibson, who plays one of Harris' few allies in the narrative, and the ensemble also includes fantastic talents like Mike Colter, Frank Grillo and Reid Scott. Based on what we’ve seen from the movie, it looks like they are getting some nice material to chew on.

The trailer looks excellent

Speaking of what we’ve seen from the movie, the debut trailer for BLACK AND BLUE is legitimately excellent, perfectly outlining the story of a rookie officer who captures a group of corrupt colleagues on her bodycam and as a result must go on the run from cops and criminals alike. In addition to getting your blood flowing with the intense pressure of the situation, the trailer also shows that director Deon Taylor will be providing some cool, stylistic action sequences as well.

The movie points to very prescient modern issues

Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson in Black and Blue There's no denying that a particular tension exists in America when it comes to the relationship between the police and the African-American community, and in the last few years it’s been interesting to see that conflict explored in cinema with films like BLINDSPOTTING, THE HATE U GIVE and BLACKKKLANSMAN. Now, BLACK AND BLUE is offering up a whole new perspective, looking through the eyes of a black officer essentially caught between two worlds. It’s fascinating dramatic material.

Tickets to BLACK AND BLUE are now on sale, and you’ll be able to see the movie when it hits theatres everywhere on October 25.

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