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5 Elements Every Disney Remake Needs

July 29th, 20195 Elements Every Disney Remake Needs

Over the last few years, Disney has been revisiting their classic animated titles and revamping them in live action. This year alone, the studio has released a live action DUMBO and ALADDIN, and last week they revealed a new THE LION KING, though this reimagining was made using realistic CG animation.

Regardless of property, there are certain elements Disney fans expect to see in any remake of their favorite childhood film. Here are the top five.

An Amazing Cast

Emma Watson as Belle. Will Smith as Genie. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. These characters are big shoes to fill, but Disney has consistently found the perfect fit. The new THE LION KING may have the most amazing cast yet, with Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor and many more.

Memorable Songs

Every classic Disney movie has a collection of tunes we loved as kids and still remember the words to as adults. Disney understands the power of nostalgia and knows we want to sing along to those songs again. Can you imagine THE JUNGLE BOOK without “The Bare Necessities”? Or THE LION KING without “Hakuna Matata”?

The Emotional Hook

One of the reasons Disney movies are so magnetic and successful is because they balance joy and sadness, and there’s always a turning point in which the main character helps teach us a valuable life lesson. In an exclusive interview with AMC, THE LION KING director Jon Favreau talks about these moments and his approach to determining what absolutely had to stay from the original movie.

Incredible Design

Design is especially crucial to bring Disney’s magic to life, and the studio has made sure to hire award-winning artists and craftsmen to get the look of their reimaginings just right. Take Cinderella’s enchanting blue ballgown as one example or the vibrant costumes and backdrops of ALADDIN.

Stunning Effects

Technology makes massive leaps year after year, so it’s to be expected that any new Disney movie will utilize the most advanced capabilities. After all, they’re remaking properties that are decades old — the new versions have to be elevated to the max. We have seen how Disney has used visual effects to do just that, from the fantasy world of ALICE IN WONDERLAND to the soaring baby elephant in DUMBO, and THE LION KING builds upon that approach with virtual reality technology.

See the latest Disney reimagining, THE LION KING, at an AMC near you today.

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