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A Classic Christmas Tale Told As A Musical

November 4th, 2023A Classic Christmas Tale Told As A Musical

Get Tickets JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM opens November 10

As fall comes to a close and winter approaches, audiences know the dawn of another very important time of the year is among us: the holiday movie season. Thus, we can expect plenty of new films that are made with the intent of celebrating this special time of spreading cheer among loved ones – typically stories that involve a jolly old man bringing gifts, or romance under the mistletoe. However, moviegoers who are more interested in watching a film that depicts the reason for the season should look no further than JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM.

Opening in AMC Theatres on Friday, November 10 – just in time for families to see around Thanksgiving. This particular retelling of the age old story is unlike any version you have seen yet. We shall explore why, as well as even more essential facts you should know about JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM, in the following sneak peek.

A Musical Retelling Of The Nativity

The story behind JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is a familiar one that has been depicted in live-action cinema before. The story follows a young woman named Mary who has just become engaged to a carpenter named Joseph when she is informed by an angel that she has been chosen by God to bring His son, Jesus, into the world. As the birth approaches, the couple travels to the town of Bethlehem, where a selfish ruler is upset to learn that this impending child is foretold to be a king of greater power than he.

What sets JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM apart from other cinematic retellings of the Nativity is that it is a musical. The film’s official soundtrack – which will be available for purchase ahead of the movie’s release on November 3rd – features all original songs. The number are written by accomplished composer Adam Anders in collaboration with singer and songwriter (and Adam’s wife) Nikki Anders and Peer Åström – a Swedish music producer who has also written music for artists like Celine Dion.

Antonio Banderas Stars

The most recognizable name from the JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM cast is Academy Award nominee Antonio Banderas, who stars as King Herod – the Judean ruler who felt threatened by Jesus Christ’s impending birth. In the lead roles, we have Fiona Palomo – known for an Acapulco-based version of “Gossip Girl” and Netflix series “Control Z” and “Outer Banks” – as Mary. Playing Joseph is Milo Manheim, who is known for Disney Channel’s original franchise of ZOMBIES movies.

The JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM cast also includes two-time Grammy-winning rap artist Lecrae – who has previously acted in films like the 2018 remake of SUPERFLY and 2019’s BREAKTHROUGH – as Gabriel, the angel who appears to Mary with a proposition to be Jesus’ mother. Other familiar faces include comedian Omid Djalili of THE MUMMY and GLADIATOR fame as Melchior and Rizwan Manji from the “Schitt’s Creek” and recent DC movie, SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS.

Adam Anders Directs

In addition to composing the music for JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM, Adam Anders also serves as the director of the film. He also co-wrote with Peter Barsocchini, who is known for penning a little TV movie called HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

This marks the cinematic directorial debut of Anders, but is far from his first try at bringing his talents to the big screen and the small screen. He has composed and produced music for a wide variety of titles, from Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” to 2012’s ROCK OF AGES – based on the hit stage musical – to Netflix’s 2022 film, THE PROM. JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is also just the latest project based on a biblical story that he has been involved in, having produced the music for the 2014 movie, SON OF GOD, and for Fox’s live special, “The Passion,” from 2016.

Watch The Trailer

Moviegoers familiar with the inspiring, wholesome, and world famous biblical tale that inspired JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM should know what they are in for if they are planning to see the film when it opens. Of course, the aspect that probably has them most curious is what the music will be like. To find out, they could order the original soundtrack or check it out on their Spotify or catch a quick glimpse at some of the musical numbers in the film’s official trailer below:

The clip teases songs about Mary’s impending nuptials to Joseph, the conflict that the couple faces after Joseph learns his wife is pregnant with a child that is not his own, and Herod’s own thoughts on being a king. The trailer also hints that JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM will implement humor into the story, with Milo Manheim portraying Joseph as a bit of an awkward goof at certain moments and showing how his relationship with their animals could be better.

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than by gathering the family to go and see a film that explores its biblical origins in song? If this is your ideal holiday movie-going experience, be sure to check out JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM when it opens at an AMC Theatres location near you!

Get Tickets JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM opens November 10

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