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All the Stephen King Movies Coming to Theatres

April 21st, 2022All the Stephen King Movies Coming to Theatres

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It is hard to think of another author whose body of work has been adapted more times than Stephen King. Over the years, moviegoers have seen King’s novels, novellas, and short stories be turned into the likes of THE SHINING, STAND BY ME, MISERY, and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, plus dozens upon dozens of other movies and shows.

In 2022 alone, fans of the prolific horror writer’s work will be treated to two more adaptations when FIRESTARTER and SALEM’S LOT open at AMC Theatres nationwide. With that in mind, let's not forget the elements that each Stephen King movie needs.

Here's what Stephen King fans have to look forward to, starting with FIRESTARTER...


After what seems like an eternity of being stuck in development, FIRESTARTER, Keith Thomas’ adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, will finally become a reality when it opens May 13. The latest adaptation of one of King’s stories will once again center on one father’s attempts to protect his young daughter after she develops pyrokinesis and becomes the target of a mysterious and nefarious government agency hellbent on using her gifts for their own gains. This time, Zac Efron will be stepping in as Andrew “Andy” McGee with Ryan Kiera Armstrong portraying Charlene “Charlie” McGee, a role originally played by Drew Barrymore in the 1984 version.

The FIRESTARTER release date was revealed in early 2022 when Universal Pictures released a trailer showcasing the McGee’s struggles to keep their family secret close to the chest while also showing off the raw power possessed by the young girl. And judging by the footage, it looks like Thomas is taking more liberties with the new version than the 1984 FIRESTARTER.

Salem’s Lot

Later in the year, another Stephen King book that has previously been adapted will be given a new spin when SALEM’S LOT opens September 9, and will be featured as part of AMC’s Thrills and Chills program. This new version, just like the 1979 miniseries of the same name, is based on King’s iconic 1975 novel that follows a writer who returns to his childhood home and uncovers the presence of a sinister vampire before taking matters into his own hands to eliminate the evil presence before it’s too late.

This time around Lewis Pullman will be leading things as Ben Mears, with other members of the cast including Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard, Bill Camp, and William Sadler, who has appeared in more Stephen King adaptations than anyone can count.

Gary Dauberman, who previously wrote the screenplays for IT and IT CHAPTER TWO, not only wrote his third Stephen King adaptation, but also sat in the director’s chair during SALEM’S LOT, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This will be his second time directing a movie, the first being 2019’s ANNABELLE COMES HOME.

Other Upcoming Stephen King Movies

FIRESTARTER and SALEM’S LOT aren’t the only Stephen King movies coming to theatres, as there are nearly a dozen other adaptations in the works right now that are expected at some point in the future.

Movies like CHRISTINE, THE DARK HALF, ELEVATION, and THE RUNNING MAN being crafted by a list of filmmakers that includes Bryan Fuller, Alex Ross Perry, and Edgar Wright are all in various stages of development. There are also other projects like FROM A BUICK 8, THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON, MILE 81, THE LONG WALK, and LITTLE GREEN GOD OF AGONY that have been announced within the past few years.

Although the future of many of the projects are still uncertain, FIRESTARTER and SALEM’S LOT are both slated to open in AMC Theatres this year.

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