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An Epic Soundtrack of Epic Epicness

April 26th, 2021An Epic Soundtrack of Epic Epicness

On April 30th we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary(ish) of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD in Dolby Cinema! All of Edgar Wright’s films are known for their amazing soundtracks, but there is none more epic than SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD! That’s why we’re looking at the top four songs from the movie!

1. Black Sheep by Metric and Brie Larson

The song is made to pump up a crowd and it’s the perfect way to introduce the viewer to the amazing Envy Adams! Taking on the role of the egomaniac frontwoman , Brie Larson brings the audience into the perfect pitch of excitement! Before Larson’s version of the song could only be heard in the movie, but the 10 Anniversary re-release of the album has fixed that to the pleasure of fans across the globe!

2. We are Sex Bob-Omb by Sex Bob-Omb/Beck

Scream it loud and proud in the auditorium! Sex Bob-omb Blasts onto the screen with sonic perfection leading us into a perfectly timed opening credits! This song can only be described by the words of Knives Chau: “You guys are so amazing!”

3. Garbage Truck by Sex Bob-Omb/Beck

"I heart you Sex Bob-Omb! Ahhhhh!" The band kicks off their journey into the battle of the bands with this lo fi wonder about finding love on a garbage truck. We could not think of a better romantic environment.

4. Ramona by Beck

No other song will get stuck in your head quite like this one! After the sonic explosion that is the end of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Beck brings us back to to earth with this sonic lullaby and perfectly encapsulates the change that Scott goes through in the film.

Really all the songs are perfect, if you haven’t yet then put this album on repeat so your ready for everything the 10th anniversary has to offer! We’ll see you on April 30th when Sex Bob-Omb rocks the Dolby cinema to the core!

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