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Austin Butler Fits Perfectly Into Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes

June 2nd, 2022Austin Butler Fits Perfectly Into Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes

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How does one even prepare to play a legend on screen? It’s a question many of us might be asking as we await the arrival of ELVIS, a biopic about an artist who came to be known as The King. Elvis Presley was a larger-than-life entertainer, and a global celebrity back when that description meant something. ELVIS looks to explore the mythology of the singer-songwriter, explaining why his arrival at a particular moment in American history changed our culture indefinitely.

ELVIS comes to us from MOULIN ROUGE! and THE GREAT GATSBY director Baz Luhrmann, but all eyes are on his leading man, Austin Butler, as the young actor attempts to fill some massive Blue Suede Shoes. Based on footage that AMC Theatres was able to screen at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, here are the reasons why we think Butler’s the right choice.

Austin Butler Looks The Part

Elvis Presley was such an icon, it’s important for the actor stepping into his role to personify the legend… or else the performance could come across as distracting. Recent examples including Rami Malek as Queen singer Freddie Mercury or Taron Egerton playing Sir Elton John helped sell the illusion that we were watching beloved musicians work their magic on the screen.

From what we have seen (and especially heard) of Austin Butler so far in footage from ELVIS proves that he has the chops to play Elvis Presley. He has mastered the hip gyrations and shoulder hunches that Presley unleashed, setting a generation of female fans into a frenzy. His hair and face mimic Presley from multiple decades. But it’s the silky baritone of his speaking and singing voice that have us convinced this young actor is about to break out, big time, once audience members see him on stage playing The King for Baz Luhrmann.

It’s Good That You Don’t Know Austin Butler… Yet

The 30-year-old Austin Butler isn't a complete newcomer. He grew up appearing in Nickelodeon and Disney Channel television programs, and recently had a part in Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Because he’s not yet a household name, we’re still just getting to know him — making it easier for us to see Elvis Presley in ELVIS and not an actor we associate with another role.

Up-and-comers can easily disappear into the familiar. We are so used to identifying Elvis Presley when paired with some of his greatest hits. If Baz Luhrmann had gone with a proven movie star, the disconnect could have pulled us out of the story being told. When we looked at the ELVIS footage, we saw Elvis Presley dancing and singing on stage… not Austin Butler.

Not that ELVIS is going to be lacking for any star power. Luhrmann made sure to lure an A-lister into his ensemble when he cast two-time Oscar-winner Tom Hanks in the role of Col. Tom Parker. He’s the man who “discovers” Presley, and then latches onto the rising star so that he tastes every bit of fame that is coming Elvis’ way. But in the long run, Elvis himself is such a sensational talent, it will be The King luring audiences into theatres on June 24, looking to ELVIS for entertainment, drama, and possibly some answers to the long-time mysteries surrounding this unique personality.

Early buzz on ELVIS is incredibly strong, with both Austin Butler and Tom Hanks receiving extremely early awards talk. Naturally, we have a long way to go before we see if any of that becomes a reality. First comes the movie, which lands in AMC Theatres near you this June. Make sure that you have your tickets reserved by clicking this page and turning on the “Remind Me” button!

Get Tickets ELVIS opens June 24th

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